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Connect Finance and Operations. Plan Smarter. Manage Better. Act Faster.

Budgeting Planning & Forecasting

Granular data. Maximum insights. Drive higher performance and profit

Profitability Analysis

Manage Cash. Reduce Risk. Optimize Liquidity.

Cash Flow Planning 


Accelerate analysis and expand the granularity of your insight through a powerful finance-owned data engine, the Analytic Information Hub.

How the modern finance team should work?

Accelerate your financial consolidation

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CCH Tagetik + Azdan
Live Webinar

Get all the consolidation workflow at your fingertips, without coding from account reconciliation, data loading, consolidation, reporting and adjustments to disclosure and tax reporting in a smart cockpit.

Use a single solution for finance, designed to handle all your complex requirements.

Unify your fragmented legacy systems with no more checking and double-checking. 

Get confidence and control 

Technology is having a massive impact on the way finance professional traditionally operates. 
Watch this live webinar to discover how to manage the entire finacnical consolidation process.

10 actionable ways to speed up your financial process

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CCH Tagetik + Azdan

10 Actionable Ways to Speed up your Financial Process


Keep pace with your organizational requirements

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Financial Close & Consolidation

Fully Automated. Simply Consolidated. For a Fast and Accurate Close.

Account Reconciliation

Accelerate Your Close. Increase Transparency. Take Control.

Compliance Regulatory

Comply Quickly. Report Accurately. Follow the Rules – With Ease.

What you will learn in this webinar?


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