Azdan Case Study

AlShorafa Insurance reduced its cycle time using automation workflows.

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United Arab Emirates

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Al Shorafa Insurance

Solutions Deployed

Oracle NetSuite, Blue Prism

Business Situation

Al shorafa insurance - the insurance broker with over 25+ years of history was facing a big issue during the growth. It became harder to consolidate its financials and swiftly prepare reports for insurance carriers, customers and auditors due to the large volume of transactions.


Al shorafa Insurance moved to Azdan to combine Oracle NetSuite’s cloud-based financial management software with Blue Prism robotic Process automation, which made it “super easy for them to push their data from multiple platforms to Oracle NetSuite”


Al Shorafa Insurance is now able to mimic human behavior - the rule-based, manual, data-driven actions that people are taking and automates it in a very transparent way for our insurance carriers and partners.