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Arab potash improves planning accuracy 4 times using the Oracle EPM Cloud.

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Business Situation

Arab Potash Company (APC) is the eighth largest potash producer worldwide by volume of production and the sole producer of potash in the Arab World. The big player was looking to improve planning and budgeting system scalability to support company growth, including growth through mergers and acquisitions, while interfacing with back-end financial management systems.


The Arab Potash Company (APC) completed the rapid implementation in just 4 months—across all its subsidiaries. The process included the design phase, solution build-out, 10 days of global end-user training, system testing, and production migration. The global budgeting templates are standardized, interfaced with back-end financial management applications, and enabled budget entry in both Excel and web-based Oracle forms—ensuring ease-of-use and system acceptance for budget owners worldwide


Automated budget consolidation in the cloud, provided transparency into the annual budgeting process and supported real-time planning and budgeting for the large manufacturer.

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