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Severals Travel is keeping its booking platform updated with continuous innovation​

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Oracle NetSuite

Business Situation

As it continues to help business travel, Severals travel found that its existing CRM system was no longer able to meet the needs of an organization its size. Functionality limitations offered no easy way to share information or consolidate a 360-degree view of its travelers and business accounts. Users had to manually pull data and reports from separate sources such as ERP, GDS, and legacy providers.


Azdan implemented and developed a solution for Oracle NetSuite. Severals Travel has a clear view of cross-channel customer interactions, allowing airlines to personalize the traveler experience end-to-end. Additionally, by having better customer insights, with deeper collaboration and automation capabilities, the applications will empower Severals travel to focus on their core added-value: delivering an excellent booking service to their customers.


Through the integration between the traveling global distribution system and Oracle NetSuite, Severals travel is benefiting from a complete view of the traveler, unlocking new capabilities to personalize the travel experience.