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Sorbonne University automates revenue planning with Jedox

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Business Situation

In the past, Sorbonne University was planning using a labor-intensive spreadsheet-based solution. Spreadsheets increased degree of manual effort involved in forecasting university student numbers and budgets.


Azdan implemented Jedox to increase forecasting efficiency by automating and centralizing budgeting and planning workflows and security models, and improved accuracy and reliability by migrating from disconnected spreadsheets to Jedox. The revenue forecasting model implemented by Azdan based on statistical data and drivers, as well as allocations. Forecast academic Funds, grants, Endowments, and other types of revenue integrated with the tuition planning models.


Gained the ability to create multiple long-term scenarios for planning academic recruitment and facilities Operational Planning and Capital Planning over 10 years by tweaking variables such as tuition fee revenue and student load

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