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That’s the reduction rate for the complex budgeting cycles implemented by Azdan performance management team 

1. Traditional Budgeting

Easy to prepare as they take the previous year’s budget as a base.

Financial Planning and Analysis Guide 

9 types of planning to supercharge your process

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*Source: Oracle, Abu Dhabi University Case Study

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FP&A Guide

9 types of planning to supercharge your process

2. Zero Based Budgeting

Justify each expense before adding it to the new budget, this lets you focus on operation.

3. Activity Based Budgeting

Useful for newer companies and services firms undergoing material changes.

4. Driver Based Planning

It turns a business into a wealth creator, rather than a cost administrator.

5. Rolling Forecast

Make tweaks to your budget as predictions change.

6. Operational Planning

It shows how you can contribute to the achievement of the organization's goals.

7. Financial Projects Planning

Plan and forecast on a project basis, instead of accounts and cost centers.

8. Sales Planning

The budget hinges on an accurate, timely sales plan. It predicts the volume of attainable sales.

9. Workforce Planning

The Workforce planning goal is to get the optimum use of your most valuable asset, your employees.

Do you remember your last budget meeting? 

If you're similar to many finance professionals, it was a long, exhausting process that was not particularly ineffective. when your budget contains multiple categories and a variety of decision-makers, things can get a little complicated.

To ensure that budgeting succeeds, you have to select the correct planning technique at the perfect time in the right place. 

It's our hope that this guide will help you in your planning efforts - and bring you the success you seek in your organization.