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2. Evaluate your finance team operations 

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15 Questions to evaluate the status of financial management

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The organization has little awareness of the need to improve financial management.

The organization has some awareness that it needs to improve its financial management but does not actively do so.

The organization will try to improve financial management as a result of responding to the need for change.

The organization continually reviews its financial processes and makes improvements to develop the current methods.

The organization continually striving for excellence in financial management.

1. Answer the 15 multiple choice questions

Organizational behaviors are then set out at 5 levels of maturity with lower than 15 being the lowest level and above 60 is the highest.

The workbook looks at the practice and awareness of financial management and relates that to the outcomes that organizations might expect. The model uses a series of descriptors to help finance professionals understand how the organization currently operates. 

Within the model, financial management practice is assessed by answering 15 key questions grouped under 5 aspects.

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15 Questions to evaluate your financial management process