How to get NetSuite support? 6 Proven Methods

There are multiple to learn and support NetSuite. these 5 proven methods will show you how to better leverage NetSuite.

1. Talk to NetSuite support specialist over the phone

Oracle NetSuite support office in Dubai

If you are an international NetSuite user, you can get to a live NetSuite by calling this NetSuite support number +1-877-638-7848, or you can reach the regional NetSuite support office in Dubai by calling +971 4 390 9010, you should go right to a real human being. you can reach the phone numbers of regional NetSuite support offices in this list

2. Get free Netsuite health check report from Oracle NetSuite partner

Azdan Team

In today’s modern business world Netsuite is playing a vital role in many organizations. To further improve and optimize your NetSuite investment, you can consider one of the experienced NetSuite partners to start process improvement and optimization, performance check activities to maintain your NetSuite up and running and get the maximum benefits for business. Start NetSuite Healthcheck now

3. Join the NetSuite Users Group on Facebook

facebook Community

Gradually, social networks are beginning to have a bigger role in building a community of experts and share their experiences from different regions. This facebook group seeks to provide an opportunity for users to share Netsuite experiences, ideas, thoughts, scripts, and bundles while educating and empowering fellow users to realize NetSuite’s potential. You can also check out the corresponding Slack channel.

4. Search for your question on NetSuite SuiteAnswers

Suite Answers

Available to all customers and partners, SuiteAnswers is a searchable knowledge center of rich support articles, best practices, help topics, and training videos. You will access Best Practices and proven implementation steps and methods used by NetSuite’s SuiteConsulting team.

5. Start free Netsuite training

NetSuite training

As continued support for NetSuite users, NetSuite provides the following training videos and resources, which teach key navigation, search, and productivity skills for all users. 

Jack Tadros

Jack Tadros

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