Planning and Budgeting for Education

Automation and Performance Solutions built specifically for schools and universities.

Modernize your planning and budgeting for education to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone spreadsheets.

Automation, Planning and Budgeting for Education

Azdan is helping educational organizations to respond to change with speed and agility. By unifying the plans, processes, and data in a single solution that’s built for finance, you’ll align financial and academic activities university-wide. The solutions are the following:

  • Planning & Budgeting: Drive accurate, connected plans from long-range planning to periodic rolling forecasts and line-of-business planning that incorporate best practices for universities.
  • Financial Consolidation: Preconfigured consolidation model for universities makes it easy to meet global reporting requirements such as IFRS and GAAP

Azdan is using Blue Prism robot to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. They work by replicating the actions of an actual human interacting with one or more software applications to perform tasks such as data entry, process standard transactions, or respond to simple customer service queries. 

The robots can automate the following process in universities:

  • Finance: Financial Planning, Bank Statement Reconciliation, Daily P&L preparation
  • Supply chain: Updating inventory records, issuing refunds, compliance, updating vendor records
  • Operations: Course Registration, Shortlisting and Enrollment Process
  • Chatbot: Automate the general queries from students, staff and website visitors like admission schedule, admission process, contact person, course information. 

Efficient forecasting

Centralizing budgeting and planning workflows by migrating from disconnected spreadsheets to Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Service.

Match Consumption

Match budget consumption continuously with forecasts, avoid budget overruns, and better monitor the university’s financial health.

What If analysis

Sophisticated modelling and predictive analytical capabilities, such as what-if scenarios based on the university’s key business drivers.

Global Reporting

Combining data plus narrative in a single, secure, and collaborative environment for financial and academic staff.

Azdan Guide

9 types of planning and budgeting for Education

The platforms we use create value for our clients

Whether you choose a simpler first phase to get profits quickly or you opt for full deployment, you are in the right place!

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Oracle Hyperion

Oracle PBCS can drive accurate, connected plans—from long-range planning to periodic rolling forecasts and line-of-business planning—that incorporate best practices.

Blue Prism RPA

Blue Prism’s connected-RPA Platform connects your human workforce with the capabilities of today’s Digital Workforce to generate outcomes with greater speed, agility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Jedox Planning

The multidimensional Jedox database leverages the latest in-memory computing technology and guarantees lightning-fast calculations for complex applications.

Planning and Budgeting for education Success Story

Abu Dhabi University reduced their budgeting cycle by 60%

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