Oracle NetSuite Pricing, The Ultimate Guide 2022

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Are you going to implement NetSuite ERP Software? You should understand the pricing model of NetSuite, it’s a more difficult question to answer because each customer has different requirements. In this article, we will answer the most important questions regarding NetSuite pricing for licenses, support, and implementation.

What is NetSuite pricing for user licenses?

What are NetSuite modules?

What is the NetSuite implementation price?

Implementation NetSuite pricing and

NetSuite Pricing for Implementation

Azdan as a consulting firm spends roughly 50-150 hours of the project dedicated to gathering and documenting requirements for your NetSuite ERP implementation. Majority of NetSuite Partners will quote you between $100 – $250 per hour for NetSuite implementation. The rate largely depends upon where the NetSuite partner is based geographically and how experienced the consultants are.  hourly rates lower than this generally mean the resources will be onsite. or experience level.
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Jack Tadros

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