5 Ways to embrace Excel in your planning and Budgeting in Excel

Watch now our webinar and discover how Jedox takes planning, reporting, and analytics to the next level.

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What you will learn in the webinar?

How Jedox will Provide you with controlled, role-based access to a single source of truth from a powerful Excel add-in for the desktop, and mobile devices.

Converts your Excel spreadsheets to an enterprise-class solution.

Connect Excel and all your data to Jedox multidimensional database.

Deliver self-service planning and create insightful dashboards.


Do you think that spreadsheets are good despite being frustrated by its limited functionality?
You want to optimize your company’s budgeting, forecasting and planning processes?

5 Ways to Embrace to Embrace Excel in your planning!
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Meet our Consultant

Webinar Speakers

Bishoy Sami

Managing Consultant, Azdan Business Analytics

Mark Rolfe

Sales Director, Jedox