NetSuite for 
Manufacturing Companies

Azdan will support your business, supply chain and manufacturing processes no matter where they operate.

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Food and Beverages
Manage the modern food supply chain and batch manufacturing with Azdan solution

Furniture & Home Goods
Manage the financials, inventory, commerce and order processing in one solution

Health and Beauty
Build your brand experience around your customers and streamline your operations

NetSuite for Manufacturing
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This datasheet contains more information about Azdan solution functionality & features.

Have a strong control over all your top floor and shop floor operations.

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What's inside our NetSuite Solution
Connecting your operations to NetSuite ERP

Financial, Revenue, and cost management

Balance demand and supply for inventory savings
Create, release, update and monitor work orders

Monitor shop floor via an interactive tablet application 

Automating tasks and events to track all activities

Manage your vendors and purchasing processes 

Different solutions for your unique requirements

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Medical Devices
Optimize the supply chain and improved quality control of your medical devices 

Gain insight from data gathered across your  top floor and shop floor

Building Materials
Distributors can unify their supply chains, inventory, orders and financial process in one system