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A true 360-degree view of the sales and finance operations

Traditional ERP and CRM applications have been incredible pieces of solutions on their own, but have always had the drawback of the silo effect. that means every system is separated to the other. Both the finance team and the sales team have no information about what is going on between each other. Azdan solved this ongoing dilemma by providing you with one unified database for all your sales, finance, procurement and operation in one unified system

crm Customer Relationship Management

Components of an integrated CRM

Sales Force Automation

Power your sales organization with integrated sales processes from opportunity, upsell and quote management to sales forecasting, order management, fulfillment, and sales commission.

Customer Service

Gives your sales team one interfaces for customer, support, service, and fulfillment. You will access complete key customer data in real time empowering you to better support your customers while driving cross-sell.

Marketing Automation

The Maketing automation enables you to generate highly qualified leads that are ready for sales engagement. It provides a framework for you to target, build, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns.


The mobile application will give you a dashboard synchronization of KPI metrics, scorecards and graphs, as well as complete record support including creation and modification.

Partner Relationship

Control over every element of the partner-focused sales process, including joint marketing campaigns, lead management, sales forecasting, pipeline management, order processing, and partner commissions.

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Oracle NetSuite CRM

Oracle NetSuite CRM software is a powerful growth catalyst for mid-market companies. We help you get the most out of your implementation with low license price.

Combine the Salesforce CRM with best-in-class Performance Management. Enjoy complete flexibility to set sales targets top-down and collect bottom-up budgets from your team. 

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