Best 20 Leading NetSuite Partners in Texas

Best 20 Leading NetSuite Partners in Texas 1

Are you looking for the best NetSuite partners in Texas to help you implement, customize, or optimize your NetSuite solution? If so, you’re in luck. Texas is home to some of the most experienced and reputable NetSuite partners in the country, serving a wide range of industries and business needs.

But how do you choose the right NetSuite partner for your specific situation? With so many options available, it can be hard to find the one that best suits your goals, budget, and timeline.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best 20 NetSuite partners in Texas, based on their credentials, customer reviews, and areas of expertise. Whether you need a full-service NetSuite partner, a niche-specific solution, or a quick fix, you’ll find it here.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to each of these NetSuite partners, highlight their strengths and specialties, and provide you with their contact information. By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear idea of which NetSuite partner in Texas can help you achieve your desired results with NetSuite.

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NetSuite Partners in Texas

1. 1218 Global

1218 Global excels in Oracle NetSuite solutions, offering highly talented consultants globally and providing strategic guidance for your company's digital transformation with proven results in people, process, and technology investments.


  • Professional services: Services that require specialized knowledge and skills, such as legal, accounting, consulting, etc.
  • Legal: Services that deal with the law, such as lawyers, judges, paralegals, etc.
  • Healthcare: Services that provide or receive medical care, treatment, or prevention, such as hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, etc.
  • Manufacturing: The process of transforming raw materials into finished products, such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • IT and management consulting: Services that help businesses improve their performance, efficiency, or strategy, using information technology or management expertise.
  • Cloud services: Services that provide access to software, data, or computing resources over the internet, such as cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud backup, etc.
  • Managed services: Services that provide ongoing support, maintenance, or monitoring of a client’s IT systems, networks, or applications.
  • Software development: Services that create, test, and maintain computer programs, applications, or systems, using various programming languages, tools, or frameworks..


  • University of Dallas: 1218 implemented NetSuite ERP to automate the university’s  accounting, finance, student management, enrollment, and fundraising. The university also receives strategic guidance for IT and business strategy, leveraging NetSuite’s capabilities for optimization.

LinkedIn: 1218 Global

Website: 1218 Global

Location: Dallas, Texas


8QUANTA, an integrative software developer and consulting firm, maximizes Oracle NetSuite investments for over 164 companies across diverse industries, including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, supply chain, non-profit, professional services, medical, retail, government, and e-commerce. Their aim is to transform 5,000 companies using NetSuite by the end of 2030.

LinkedIn: 8QUANTA

Website: 8QUANTA

Location: Dallas, Texas


  • Manufacturing: Leverage expertise to optimize NetSuite for manufacturing processes, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced efficiency.
  • Distribution: Streamline distribution channels with NetSuite solutions, from inventory management to logistics and beyond.
  • Service: In the service industry, receive consulting and development services that elevate assistance, support, and advice processes, optimizing overall performance.
  • Non-profit: Support noble missions with NetSuite services tailored for non-profit organizations, enhancing financial transparency and donor management.
  • Professional Services: For specialized service sectors like legal, accounting, and consulting, 8QUANTA’s NetSuite guidance ensures optimal utilization and revenue maximization.
  • Medical: Ensure efficient healthcare operations with NetSuite optimization, offering comprehensive reviews of workflows for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers.
  • Retail: Maximize sales and customer satisfaction in the retail sector with NetSuite implementation, customized for the unique demands of stores, malls, and online shops.
  • Government: Navigate the complexities of governing entities with NetSuite support, ensuring seamless administration, legislation, and regulation processes.
  • E-commerce: In the dynamic world of online commerce, trust 8QUANTA for expert NetSuite guidance, implementation, and 3rd party integration, ensuring businesses stay competitive.

3. Bresatech

Bresatech, a leading IT solutions company, partners with industry leaders like NetSuite to deliver cutting-edge solutions across diverse sectors, ensuring accelerated ROI and empowering clients with impactful, tailored systems.

LinkedIn: Bresatech

Website: Bresatech

Location: Dallas, Texas


  • Furniture: Streamlined operations and improved supply chain management for accelerated ROI.
  • Food & Beverage: Optimized inventory, order fulfillment, and compliance for efficient and precise operations.
  • Retail & E-commerce: Enhanced customer experiences, optimized inventory control, and robust e-commerce platforms.
  • Wholesale Distribution: Tailored solutions for optimized supply chain logistics, inventory visibility, and order fulfillment.
  • Light Manufacturing: Streamlined production processes, improved workflow efficiency, and enhanced operational visibility.


  • Win Brands Group: the seamless integration facilitated by Bresatech’s NetSuite services has significantly elevated operational efficiency for Win Brands Group. Win Brands Group achieves operational excellence with Bresatech’s NetSuite services. 

4. Bridgepoint Consulting

Bridgepoint Consulting, part of Addison Group, excels in aiding organizations, particularly in high-growth phases, compliance goals, and strategic transitions, providing expert management consulting services with a focus on Oracle NetSuite solutions.

linkedin: Bridgepoint 

Website: Bridgepoint 

Location: Austin, Texas


  • Construction & Real Estate: Bridgepoint Consulting optimizes financial and operational aspects for the Construction & Real Estate industry, providing strategic resources for effective growth.
  • Consumer, Entertainment, Retail: Tailored for Consumer, Entertainment, and Retail, their management consulting supports the C-Suite in addressing compliance, operational challenges, and navigating growth complexities.
  • Education & Nonprofit: through critical transitions, meeting compliance objectives and optimizing IT systems.
  • Energy: they provide strategic support for growth and compliance, assisting finance, risk, and technology leaders.
  • Financial Services: They offer comprehensive management consulting, optimizing infrastructure and guiding firms through growth and transactions.
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences: Bridgepoint specializes in strategic resources for Healthcare & Life Sciences, meeting compliance objectives, and optimizing IT systems.
  • Manufacturing & Distribution: Bridgepoint optimizes infrastructure and guides firms through critical transitions in growth and transactions.
  • Professional Services: They address growth and transaction complexities, collaborating with the C-Suite to optimize IT systems.
  • Public Sector: They offer management consulting, providing strategic resources for compliance objectives and IT system optimization.
  • Technology & Software: Bridgerpoint collaborates with leaders to address complexities in growth and transactions, providing strategic resources and optimizing IT systems.


  • Allied Reliability: Bridgerpoint’s NetSuite services revolutionized Allied Reliability’s asset management. It seamlessly connects business and asset strategies, enabling continuous improvement and flexibility in their reliability journey.

5. C Level Analytics

C Level Analytics excels as a business technology consulting firm, specializing in modernizing outdated systems to enhance efficiency, profitability, and success for clients, with a strong focus on Oracle NetSuite solutions.

LinkedIn: C Level Analytics

Location: College Station, Texas


  • ERP & Financials: C Level Analytics excels in deploying fiber, tracking components, and prioritizing ERP Financials.
  • BSS Data Migration: C Level Analytics ensures seamless BSS/OSS and ERP data migration for successful conversions.
  • Investment Firms: Empower broadband companies with C Level Analytics—experts in Private Equity/Investment Firms for rapid value increase.
  • Finance: Manage finances, projects, and payroll seamlessly with Oracle NetSuite, recommended by C Level Analytics for its fast implementation and flexibility.
  • Operations: C Level Analytics architects business systems for finance and operations teams, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Transformation Management: C Level Analytics simplifies large ERP transformations, providing an easy-to-understand program plan for confident decision-making within budget constraints.

6. Conexus SG

Conexus SG excels in providing tailored Oracle NetSuite solutions, collaborating with businesses to enhance operations, address specific pain points, and maximize growth potential through timely access to accurate information.

LinkedIn: Conexus SG

Website: Conexus SG

Location: Plano, TX


  • Non-Profit Optimized: Conexus SG optimizes Dallas-Fort Worth non-profits with software solutions for enhanced productivity.
  • Retail Optimized: NetSuite streamlines retail operations with Conexus SG’s optimization in POS, commerce, CRM, marketing, inventory, order management, business intelligence, and financials.
  • Manufacturing Optimized: Conexus SG boosts efficiency for Dallas-Fort Worth manufacturers with optimized business software solutions.
  • Healthcare Optimized: NetSuite’s cloud ERP is tailored for private clinics and practice management groups, optimized by Conexus SG for scalability and effectiveness.
  • Software Optimized: Conexus SG enhances data utilization for Dallas-Fort Worth software and Internet companies through optimized business software solutions.
  • Professional Services Optimized: Conexus SG delivers best-in-class professional services, seamlessly integrating SuiteProjects and Project Management within NetSuite for efficient goal achievement.
  • Restaurant Optimized: NetSuite, the #1 cloud ERP for food and beverage, is optimized by Conexus SG for improved restaurant operations.
  • Services Optimized: Conexus SG partners with Dallas-Fort Worth service companies, optimizing business software solutions through ERP consulting and implementation.
  • Wholesale Distribution Optimized: Conexus SG streamlines operations for Dallas-Fort Worth wholesale distributors, optimizing business software solutions.
  • Hospitality Optimized: Conexus SG empowers restaurant operators and franchise owners with industry expertise and leading business management software for continuous improvement.
  • Midstream/Oilfield Services Optimized: Conexus SG supports oil and gas companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, optimizing technology for efficiency and revenue.
  • Field Service Optimized: Conexus SG, the consulting firm for mobile field service operations, enhances technician efficiency, reduces costs, and increases service revenue with an enterprise-class solution built for NetSuite.


  • Vandelay: Conexus SG implemented NetSuite aiming for efficiency. Remarkably, they not only delivered an outstanding ERP system but also finished ahead of schedule and under budget. The transition to remote work was seamless, resulting in a fast, slick, and painless experience. The new ERP system significantly boosted operational efficiency.

7. Finlyte

Finlyte, named Oracle NetSuite 2020 Partner of the Year, specializes in delivering financial clarity and operational efficiency for diverse industries by implementing best-in-class Oracle NetSuite solutions for over 120 shared clients.

LinkedIn: Finlyte

Website: Finlyte

Location: Austin, Texas


  • Healthcare: Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions bring financial clarity to healthcare operations, ensuring optimal performance and financial growth.
  • Investment Firms: Elevate financial strategies with Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions for investment firms, providing insight and guidance to grow your assets.
  • Financial Services: Navigate the complexities of financial services with Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions, optimizing processes for enhanced efficiency and profitability.
  • Casinos: In the gaming industry, Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions provide financial transparency and streamlined operations, ensuring success in the dynamic casino environment.
  • Landscaping: For landscaping businesses, Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions offer efficient financial management, helping nurture growth and prosperity in the green industry.
  • Manufacturing: Optimize financial performance in manufacturing with Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions, providing insights and tools for efficient operations and profitability.
  • Software: In the software sector, Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions empower companies with financial clarity, enabling streamlined operations and sustainable growth.
  • Rentals: For rental businesses, Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions streamline financial processes, ensuring effective management and growth in the rentals industry.
  • Wholesale Distribution: Enhance financial management in wholesale distribution with Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions, providing tools for efficient operations and successful business growth.
  • Retail: Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions optimize financial processes in retail, ensuring seamless operations and financial growth in the competitive retail landscape.
  • Telecommunications: In the telecommunications sector, Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions provide financial insights and efficiency for sustained growth in this dynamic industry.
  • Professional Services: For professional service firms, Finlyte’s Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions offer streamlined financial management, supporting efficient operations and business success.


SmileMD – a growing dental sedation services provider, overcame software challenges with Finlyte’s implementation of Oracle NetSuite ERP. The results were swift, providing daily inventory visibility, optimization, and stabilized business processes. The customized NetSuite platform enabled effective cash flow tracking and transparent financial reporting, positioning SmileMD for successful expansion into new U.S. markets.

9. Cumula 3 Group

Cumula 3 Group, a 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, specializes in end-to-end NetSuite solutions, guiding customers through all phases of software adoption—from advising during the buying phase to seamless implementation and staff readiness.

LinkedIn: Cumula 3 

Website: Cumula 3

Location: Frisco, TX


  • Software: Cumula 3 Group specializes in providing comprehensive NetSuite solutions for the Software industry, ensuring success throughout the NetSuite adoption lifecycle.
  • Retail: For the Retail sector, Cumula 3 Group’s dedicated team of business advisors and technology professionals brings clarity and insight to optimize NetSuite for organizational success.
  • Ecommerce: Cumula 3 Group excels in delivering tailored NetSuite solutions for Ecommerce businesses, supporting each phase of the NetSuite adoption lifecycle.
  • Nonprofit: The Nonprofit sector benefits from Cumula 3 Group’s expertise, offering complete NetSuite solutions to enhance efficiency and success in their unique organizational context.
  • Media & Publishing: Cumula 3 Group’s passionate team provides specialized NetSuite solutions for the Media & Publishing industry, ensuring a successful NetSuite adoption lifecycle.
  • Distribution: In the Distribution sector, Cumula 3 Group delivers clarity and insight, making NetSuite a success for businesses operating in this industry.
  • Manufacturing: Cumula 3 Group caters to the Manufacturing sector, including Food & Beverage and Metal Fabrication, providing tailored NetSuite solutions for every phase of adoption.
  • Oil & Gas: Cumula 3 Group supports the Oil & Gas industry with complete NetSuite solutions, offering expertise to make NetSuite a success in this specialized field.


  • KLIM – partnered with Cumula 3 Group to enhance their online presence using NetSuite SuiteCommerce. The collaboration resulted in a streamlined and user-friendly eCommerce platform, elevating the overall experience for KLIM’s global customer base.

10. Entartes

Entartes, founded in 2018, delivers high-quality innovative technology solutions with over 30 years of industry experience, specializing in Oracle NetSuite for clients' unrivaled digital transformation journey in Texas and beyond.

LinkedIn: Entartes

Website: Entartes

Location: Houston, Texas


  • Wholesale & Distribution: Manage seamless distribution with integrated eCommerce, financials, inventory management, and CRM. Design ERP system for real-time visibility.
  • Manufacturing: NetSuite and Entartes offer a comprehensive cloud manufacturing system, supporting business evolution.
  • eCommerce: Master online retailing essentials with Entartes and SuiteCommerce for enhanced customer experience and business growth.
  • Printing: Improve efficiencies in global commercial printing with Entartes’ integration solutions and end-to-end automation.
  • eCommerce Recovery: Accelerate GoLive with Entartes’ SuiteCommerce expertise for a thriving eCommerce landscape.


Native Northwest – Entartes seamlessly integrated NetSuite for Native Northwest, facilitating swift enhancements to their SuiteCommerce store. With robust customer service and technical expertise, Entartes ensured a seamless and efficient implementation, delivering tangible improvements to Native Northwest’s online retail operations.

11. Four Cornerstone

Four Cornerstone, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is a leading consulting and IT services firm with a foundation of wisdom, integrity, and customer satisfaction, offering expertise in Oracle NetSuite solutions with a highly experienced leadership and technical team.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas


  • Banking and Financial Services: Optimize financial operations and enhance security with Four Cornerstone’s advanced technology solutions.
  • Education: Transform educational landscapes with innovative technology and consulting services from Four Cornerstone.
  • Energy and Utilities: Achieve operational efficiency and sustainability in the energy and utilities sector with Four Cornerstone’s advanced solutions.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: Streamline processes and enhance patient care with Four Cornerstone’s technology solutions for healthcare and life sciences.
  • Manufacturing: Drive efficiency and agility in manufacturing industries with Four Cornerstone’s expertise in technology and business innovation.
  • Retail and E-commerce: Elevate customer experiences in retail and e-commerce with tailored technology solutions from Four Cornerstone.
  • Technology and Media: Empower technology and media enterprises with cutting-edge solutions for innovation and growth from Four Cornerstone.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Enhance efficiency and scalability in transportation and logistics operations with strategic technology consulting from Four Cornerstone.


  • Apex Capital Corporation – Four Cornerstone propelled Apex Capital Corporation’s success by optimizing their financial and operational processes through NetSuite, ensuring streamlined operations and sustained growth in the transportation industry for over 20 years.

12. GIR Software Services

GIR Software Services specializes in Oracle NetSuite solutions, leveraging extensive experience in ERP, SuiteCommerce Advanced, and SuiteCommerce to streamline critical business processes and drive innovation for accelerated company growth.

LinkedIn: GIR Software 

Website: GIR Software

Location: Houston, Texas


  • E-commerce: GIR Software Services, a NetSuite partner, excels in serving the e-commerce industry by implementing SuiteCommerce Advanced. Our expert team ensures a seamless and personalized online shopping experience, helping businesses differentiate their brand and exceed customer expectations.


  • Sam Nutrition, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, enhanced its warehouse operations with NetSuite Warehouse Management System, replacing RF Smart for improved supply chain and inventory tracking. GIR Team ensured a seamless transition within 30 days, with ongoing scalability implementation.

13. Inscio

Inscio, awarded for mid-market ERP leadership, enables companies to harness Oracle NetSuite, fostering success by connecting information seamlessly with people and processes.

LinkedIn: Inscio

Website: Inscio

Location: Plano, Texas


  • Dealer Management: Unified software for efficient service, parts optimization, rentals, accounting, and integration with OEM systems, enhancing sales and marketing.
  • Energy: Comprehensive business management with financials, fixed assets, planning, business intelligence, and revenue management for efficient scaling in the energy sector.
  • Life Sciences: Tailored solutions with dashboards, workflows, reporting, clinical trial management, procurement, manufacturing, and optimization for quicker time to market in life sciences.
  • Manufacturing: Unified system with planning, supply chain control, product management, shop floor monitoring, CRM, and optimization for manufacturing growth and efficiency.
  • Medical Device Management: Customizable solution for equipment management, inventory control, sales maximization, support streamlining, supply chain tracking, and overall business optimization in medical devices.
  • Professional Services: Unified software for financial management, project accounting, planning, invoicing, revenue recognition, and sales maximization, saving time and streamlining financial processes.
  • Software/Internet Companies: It features automated services, order management, scalability, consolidated financials, billing automation, and optimization.
  • Wholesale Distribution: It offers inventory management, warehouse optimization, fulfillment, sourcing, sales maximization, and overall business optimization.


  • Botanical Science, a private label cosmeceutical manufacturer based in Carrollton, Texas, sought to overcome technological barriers hindering its growth. Inscio implemented NetSuite, replacing Microsoft Dynamics, CRM tools, and disjointed websites. The unified cloud platform provided real-time visibility into accounting, operations, sales, and e-commerce. Botanical Science now engages clients online, streamlining lead-to-cash processes, enhancing productivity, and optimizing receivables. The implementation has allowed the company to manage its thriving business efficiently with clear, real-time views of KPIs.

14. Limebox

Limebox, with 16+ NetSuite certifications and 150+ implementations, offers expert NetSuite-Certified solutions, implementation, and support to empower growing organizations for optimal Oracle NetSuite performance, whether it's initial implementation or ongoing optimization.

LinkedIn: Limebox

Website: Limebox

Location: Dallas, Texas


  • Banking and Financial Services: Elevate financial operations with seamless transactions and comprehensive insights.
  • Education: Empower institutions with streamlined processes and data-driven decision-making.
  • Energy and Utilities: Optimize operations, resource management, and sustainability in energy and utilities.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: Navigate complexities with solutions for regulatory compliance and patient data management.
  • Manufacturing: Maximize production efficiency, inventory management, and supply chain visibility.
  • Retail and E-commerce: Drive growth through inventory optimization, order management, and enhanced customer experiences.
  • Technology and Media: Stay innovative with solutions addressing project management, revenue recognition, and scalability.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Streamline operations, optimize supply chains, and ensure real-time visibility in transportation processes.


Texas A&M University, which is located in the state of Texas, is a public institution that offers research-based education to its students. The university has partnered with Limebox, to utilize Oracle’s database and cloud services for its data management and computing needs.

15. Power Cloud

Power Cloud provides a comprehensive NetSuite professional services team, featuring experienced senior-level consultants proficient in Project Management, Engineering, Scripting, External Development, and Web Design at competitive prices.

LinkedIn: Power Cloud

Website: Power Cloud

Location: Katy, TX


  • Retail and E-commerce: Power Cloud helps retail and e-commerce businesses to grow their sales, manage their inventory, and deliver exceptional customer service using NetSuite’s omnichannel commerce platform.
  • Professional services: Enhance project management, resource allocation, and financial tracking for optimal service delivery.

16. Rand Group

Rand Group, based in Texas, is a professional services firm specializing in business process improvement and management software solutions, with expertise in Oracle NetSuite for small and mid-sized businesses across various industries in Texas and the South Central United States.

LinkedIn: Rand Group

Website: Rand Group

Location: Houston, Texas


  • Financials: Accelerate growth with SuiteSuccess Financials First, a rapid implementation featuring best financial and accounting practices.
  • Nonprofit: Streamline operations and enhance transparency with tailored solutions for nonprofit organizations.
  • Services: Optimize service delivery, resource management, and project tracking for professional service firms.
  • Oil & Gas: Address industry-specific challenges with NetSuite tailored to the unique needs of the oil and gas sector.
  • Manufacturing: Maximize efficiency, visibility, and control across the manufacturing process with industry-specific solutions.
  • Wholesale Distribution: Streamline distribution operations, inventory management, and order fulfillment for wholesalers.
  • Retail: Elevate customer experiences and operational efficiency with solutions designed for retail businesses.
  • Software: Support innovation and growth in the software industry with customized NetSuite solutions.
  • Food & Beverage: Manage complex supply chains, production processes, and compliance with industry-tailored solutions.

17. SaaS Consulting Group

SaaS Consulting Group specializes in Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce cloud applications, enhancing customer productivity and developing expertise in CRM, ERP, and Accounting technologies for efficient and innovative client engagements.

LinkedIn: SaaS Consulting

Website: SaaS Consulting

Location: Austin, Texas


  • Manufacturing: SCG optimizes manufacturing processes using Salesforce and NetSuite, ensuring streamlined operations.
  • Wholesale Distribution: SCG enhances wholesale distribution with procure-to-pay and real-time sync solutions.
  • Retail: SCG tailors retail solutions, addressing point-of-sale integrations and inventory management.
  • Professional Services: SCG focuses on project accounting and revenue recognition for seamless operations.
  • Banking and Financial Services: SCG supports growth in banking through SuiteSuccess Financials First, ensuring a smooth transition.


  • Sitecore, a leader in customer experience management. Leveraging expertise, tailored Salesforce and NetSuite solutions precisely met Sitecore’s needs. Dedicated services enabled Sitecore to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and achieve scalable growth. With a focus on best practices and a commitment to personalized solutions, SaaS Consulting Group played a pivotal role in optimizing Sitecore’s systems for sustained success.

18. Stratecha

Stratecha partners with CFOs and Controllers to guide the selection and optimization of Oracle NetSuite, providing strategic insights, technology, and operations support for organizations aiming to scale and thrive.

LinkedIn: Stratecha 

Website: Stratecha 

Location: Dallas, TX


  • Healthcare: Stratecha navigates healthcare complexities with tailored solutions, optimizing operations and enhancing patient care.
  • Manufacturing & Distribution: For manufacturing and distribution, Stratecha ensures streamlined processes, from supply chain to inventory management.
  • Oil & Gas / Energy: Stratecha supports the energy sector, providing solutions for efficient operations and compliance.
  • Financial Services: In financial services, Stratecha aids in managing assets, streamlining processes, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  • Real Estate: For real estate, Stratecha offers solutions for property management, lease administration, and financial reporting.
  • Retail & CPG: Stratecha enhances retail and consumer packaged goods with solutions for inventory management, sales optimization, and customer engagement.
  • Multi-Use Franchise: Stratecha supports multi-use franchises with tailored solutions, addressing complex operational needs and optimizing growth.
  • Private Equity: In the private equity sector, Stratecha provides solutions for portfolio management, financial analysis, and operational efficiency.

19. The Vested Group

The Vested Group, an award-winning NetSuite Solution Provider with over 15 years of ERP implementation experience, disrupts the status quo by offering user-friendly solutions, changing the game, and ensuring everyone wins, particularly in Oracle NetSuite consulting and development.

LinkedIn: The Vested Group

Website: The Vested Group

Location: Plano, Texas


  • Electronics Reuse & Distribution: reVESTED by The Vested Group streamlines electronics refurbishing and recycling with NetSuite, offering modules for agreements, triage, refurbishment, and more.
  • Manufacturing: The Vested Group optimizes manufacturing operations, ensuring scalability and clarity in addressing industry challenges.
  • Distribution: Tailored solutions for distribution businesses, enhancing inventory management and warehouse operations.
  • Vitamins and Supplements: Comprehensive solutions for managing operations, tracking inventory, and ensuring compliance in the vitamins and supplements industry.
  • Professional Services: Optimized solutions for professional services, focusing on project management, financials, and client interactions.
  • Oilfield Services: Tailored solutions addressing complexities in project management and financials for the oilfield services industry.
  • Grain Milling: Efficiency-boosting solutions for grain milling operations, streamlining inventory management.
  • Small Business: Scalable and cloud-based solutions for small businesses, offering simplicity and clarity in operations.


  • TVG Distribution, the Vested Group revamped a major battery distributor’s operations with NetSuite, overcoming challenges of centralized systems and manual processes. The solution provided real-time visibility, streamlined inventory planning, and optimized delivery routes, resulting in over 300% growth. The Vested Group’s industry expertise and a custom mobile app for drivers played a crucial role in achieving success.

20. White Glove Consulting Group

White Glove Consulting Group excels in delivering end-to-end process and system transformation, re-engineering core business processes, and providing real-time executive reports and KPIs through comprehensive Oracle NetSuite solutions.

LinkedIn: White Glove

Website: White Glove

Location: Austin, TX


  • Professional Services: Elevate your firm with Cloud ERP solutions for enhanced visibility and streamlined operations. Seamlessly navigate industry trends with cutting-edge professional services software.
  • SaaS: Embrace advanced technology to streamline daily operations and overcome challenges tailored to your industry’s specific needs.


  • Dynamic Signal collaborates as a trusted partner with over 30% of the Fortune 100, focusing on enhancing employee engagement and productivity through a centralized information source accessible from anywhere.
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