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What is Oracle EPM? 1

What is Oracle EPM Solution?

What is Oracle EPM Solution?

Oracle EPM suite addresses the needs across the entire CFO office, including comprehensive financial close, enterprise-wide financial and operational planning, allocation of profitability, and cost across the business.

What can Oracle EPM Solution provide?

Comprehensive Solution

It addresses the needs across the entire CFO office, including financial close, and planning of profitability and cost across the business.

Predictive Planning

It includes forecasting tools, enabling organizations to optimize the impact of EPM leveraging regression and time-series analyses.

Complex Modeling

You can run multiple what-if financial and operational scenarios quickly and with more complete data With a free-form approach.

Financial Close

Oracle EPM Cloud makes it easier to upgrade the close process and utilize processes that optimize reporting and results.

Reporting and analytics tools

Narrative reporting, disclosure, financial reporting, and ad hoc analysis should all provide ways to provide accurate view of performance

Cloud or On-premises

Oracle EPM can be deployed on Oracle Cloud to provide customers with the benefit of cloud economics or can be maintained on your own premises.

What is Oracle EPM? 2

Azdan deploy Oracle EPM Solution to help businesses outperform with agility

10,000 leading corporations worldwide trust Oracle to run their mission-critical business

What are the benefits of Oracle NetSuiteEPM?

From fast-growing start-ups to global enterprises, Oracle EPM powers innovation and growth across a variety of industries. Below is a cross-section of why those companies are choosing the Oracle EPM.

What is Oracle EPM? 3

True Cloud

Multi-tenant with global access from anywhere

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Better positioned for funding rounds and board conversations

What is Oracle EPM? 5

Leading Practices

immediately adopt 250+ reports using leading practices

What is Oracle EPM? 6

Innovation Platform

Easily launch new business models & expand globally

Success Story

Emirates Transport

Emirates Transport is now planning with confidence.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

Oracle  Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) helps you model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, streamline the financial close process, and drive better decisions.

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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Connect every part of your business with a plan that is fully integrated across finance, and operations.

Oracle EPM solution screenshot from oracle epm Profitability and cost management web page

Profitability and Cost Management

Build transparent allocation models for profitability analysis, shared and service costing.

Oracle EPM solution screenshot from oracle epm Profitability and cost management web page

Financial Consolidation and Close

Increase the accuracy and speed of the close process by reclassifying, and eliminating data for any hierarchy.

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