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NetSuite Solutions Overview

Oracle NetSuite ERP Solutions

Financial Management

Integrated software system to manage core business processes and resources efficiently.

Supply Chain

Streamlined oversight and optimization of the end-to-end supply chain, from sourcing to delivery.


Comprehensive tools for managing and nurturing customer interactions and relationships.


Software solution to plan, execute, and manage professional services projects and resources effectively

HR & Payroll

A solution within NetSuite for managing human resources and payroll processes efficiently.

NetSuite in Arabic

NetSuite software localized and available in the Arabic language, catering to users who prefer to work in Arabic.

Cash Management

The process of optimizing cash flows, including forecasting, to ensure efficient liquidity and financial stability.


The use of software to automate repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing manual efforts.

Oracle NetSuite Services

NetSuite Implementation

Ensure a successful implementation of NetSuite, tailored to your business needs.

NetSuite Support

Access reliable support services to maximize the performance of your NetSuite system.

NetSuite Integration

Seamlessly integrate NetSuite with your existing systems for enhanced functionality.

NetSuite Development

Custom development services to tailor NetSuite to your specific business requirements.

NetSuite Automation

Automate financial processes in NetSuite for efficient and accurate management.

NetSuite Training

Master NetSuite through tailored training programs for optimal software utilization.

Oracle EPM Solutions

Planning & Budgeting

The systematic process of setting financial goals, creating budgets, and forecasting future financial performance to guide decision-making.

Financial Consolidation

The integration of financial data from different subsidiaries into a single, providing a holistic view of the organization's financial performance.


Managing revenues to improve the profitability of products, services, customers, or business segments.


The process of reconciling financial records to ensure accuracy between various accounts and statements.

Tax Reporting

The process of submitting accurate and compliant tax-related information and financial statements to regulatory authorities.

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