Oracle EPM Solution Provider

Azdan is leading Oracle partner in UAE for implementation and support, with over 200 staff in four offices across the region.

The Largest Oracle EPM team in the Middle East

Azdan is an Oracle Service Partner and solution provider that focuses exclusively on Oracle Enterprise Performance Management  (cloud and Hyperion planning). With deep Oracle experience and a breadth of finance and Business advisory services, Azdan was the first consulting firm to implement Oracle Financial Consolidation Cloud Service in the Middle East. 

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Many Customers benefit from Azdan's assistance in implementing Oracle EPM to streamline business processes

Accelarate your performance management on Oracle EPM

Azdan streamlines enterprise planning and budgeting, eliminating manual spreadsheets and legacy systems. Our Corporate Performance Management extends beyond finance, encompassing operational planning.

With the rise of disruptive technologies, escalating costs due to legacy applications, Azdan crafted a centralized planning model for diverse industries for holding investment companies. The planning types are:

  • Diversified Specific Models
  • Operational Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Cash Projections
  • Sales & Revenue Planning
  • Driver and Trended Forecasting
  • Financial Reporting & Variance Analysis
  • Indirect Cash Flow
  • Workforce Planning
  • Microsoft Office Integration

Create goal-oriented, driver-based plans, reports, and dashboards to create your own custom financials, sales, and operational models and connect the different business processes.
Azdan can help you to create multiple what-if versions and slice and dice data based on various assumptions, creating instant reports.

Build and Maintain profitability models by product/customer/channel, cost transparency, and operational transfer pricing. Combine source data and drivers from anywhere—not limiting calculations to data in ERP—and combine financial data with operational metrics and dimensions.

Optimize the financial close using comprehensive complex consolidation support, close process orchestration, and supplemental data collection. Azdan can support you in GAAP and IFRS requirements, with full currency support, intercompany eliminations, equity eliminations, adjustments, and detailed data source tracking.

Reconciliation Compliance helps you manage account reconciliation processes, including balance sheet reconciliations, consolidation system reconciliations.

Transaction Matching is an integrated module of Account Reconciliation and the perfect complement to the existing Reconciliation Compliance feature set.

Align tax reporting with corporate financial reporting—seamless transparency between tax and finance with a strong compliance framework.

Oracle EPM Solution solution, Oracle EPM Account reconciliation solution

View, edit and approve budgets on the go

Oracle EPM Mobile Application


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can acquire your user licenses directly from Azdan. Azdan as a solution provider can deliver complete cloud computing solutions, from selling NetSuite licenses to implementation and support.

Many vendors have very well-established product lines. We are not biased to any of them. We are only considering delivery critical factors such as solution functionality based on your vertical industry needs.

The implementation time frame vary according to the project size. the average duration is 3 months for small to medium projects. and 4 to 6 months for large implementations.

Yes, we can travel to visit your team onsite incase you need to discuss your project in details. However, If you need to speed up the process, we are excited to have an online remote session first.

Azdan has 4 global offices in UK, UAE, Egypt, and Rwanda. These global offices are serving 20+ countries that are not limited to KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Rwanda, Egypt, UK, and UAE.

The Implementation price vary according to your specific needs and requirements. Feel free to contact our sales team here to receive a budgetary quotation.

Meet our Oracle EPM Consultant!

Azdan Consultants implement a trusted unified business suite for over 36,000 customers, covering ERP/Financials, CRM, and e-commerce.