Customized NetSuite Automation Services

NetSuite Automation Features

Oracle NetSuite RPA automates tasks for efficiency, while SuiteFlow streamlines custom processes, automates capabilities, and triggers workflows.


Fast and safe

it’s independent of your web browser and NetSuite layout.


Reduced Interactions

It's between the bot and NetSuite, leading to error reduction.


Ready made objects

The ready made objects are 5x faster compared to traditional RPA.


File Management

Get folders, upload, download, attach files, and detach files.


NetSuite Actions

Insert, update, delete, and initialize your records


NetSuite SuiteFlow

Automate all standard and custom processes your team depends on

NetSuite automation services

NetSuite Automation Services Cut Processing Time by 40%

Reported in 'BusinessTech Insights': NetSuite's automation cut processing time by 40%, revolutionizing businesses. Contact us to know how.

How Azdan can take your NetSuite to the next level?

Whether you’re just starting out with NetSuite or well on your way into a business transformation,
Azdan consultants will help you maximize your investments.


Azdan's consultants have extensive experience implementing NetSuite in many industries.


Azdan will empower your users with the knowledge and skills they need to make their jobs easier on NetSuite.


It takes the streamlining to a new level by removing the labor-intensive part of managing Oracle NetSuite.


Azdan offers service level agreements to help minimize the gap between the best practices and actual scenarios.


We take an innovative approach to design and deliver customized cloud-based apps that go the extra mile.


Exchange data from your NetSuite account with on-premises applications and cloud-native environments.

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