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Understanding Oracle NetSuite Pricing

Based on your organization’s size and level of development, we suggest these three fundamental Netsuite Solution Pricing Models to tailor to your business:

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NetSuite’s pricing structure is designed around the concept of “Suites.” Unlike the on-premise, hardware-based ERPs of the past, NetSuite operates as a flexible cloud-based system. Whether your business starts with the basic package or requires an upgrade to the mid-market edition or additional functionality for managing multi-nationals, the transition is seamless.

The key differences among the three NetSuite editions (or “suites”) are determined by a few factors:

  • Number of employees in your organization
  • Number of user licenses needed
  • Number of legal entities

As your company grows, you can easily adjust your ERP licensing by consulting with your NetSuite partner. Importantly, all the packages we discuss in this guide share the same underlying code base and deployment model.

NetSuite Pricing Models

NetSuite Starter Edition: The NetSuite Starter package caters to small businesses. It serves as the ideal ERP foundation for companies operating within a single country, with fewer than 50 employees, and requiring 6-10 user licenses. When you opt for the starter package, you can also choose the SuiteSuccess implementation approach, enabling a rapid setup—NetSuite refers to this as the “zero to the cloud in 100 days” approach. Importantly, you’ll have the flexibility to seamlessly upgrade from the starter edition to more advanced packages as your company grows.

NetSuite Mid-Market Edition: It is designed for businesses that require more than 10 user licenses or have several legal entities. It’s perfectly suited for companies expanding their operations across multiple locations or dealing with complex requirements in their day-to-day processes. With the mid-market ERP package, businesses can execute consolidated financial reports with multiple currencies. At its core, you still receive everything from the aforementioned Starter Edition, but with added customizations and scripting to address a broader range of needs.

NetSuite Enterprise Edition: It is crafted for companies with extensive operations, accommodating over 150 users. It encompasses all the features and functionalities of the Starter Edition, enhanced with additional modules such as NetSuite OneWorld. This module is essential for businesses that frequently handle acquisitions and require robust management of multiple currencies and subsidiaries.

NetSuite Pricing and Licensing

Dive into our guide on NetSuite pricing and licensing for essential insights and knowledge. This thorough presentation by Azdan is crafted to clarify all your queries about NetSuite’s pricing and licensing aspects.

Enhance your comprehension of the complex factors that play a role in informed business decision-making. Engage with us in a detailed examination of the pricing and licensing intricacies of NetSuite.

What's inside NetSuite ERP/CRM?

Regardless of the package you select for your ERP implementation, the primary differentiator for your NetSuite subscription lies in the number of NetSuite users you require. While the Mid Market and Enterprise editions offer additional features for managing multiple currencies, subsidiaries, and customizations tailored to global expansion, the foundation of your implementation always includes the NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Cloud Edition.

NetSuite ERP Features

NetSuite CRM Features

What is the cost of NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite Licenses Pricing
General Access user$ 120 / month
Employee Self Service user$ 19 / month (sold in packs of 5)
Planning and Budgeting$ 120
NetSuite Support Pricing
NetSuite SupportFor free
Sandbox environment10% of the estimated price
NetSuite Implementation Pricing
Small Implementation – 250 hours$ 25,000
Med-Size Implementation – 400 hours$ 40,000
Enterprise Implementation – 600 hours$ 60,000
NetSuite Pricing for Connectors by Celigo
NetSuite Shopify Connector$ 5,400 / year
NetSuite Salesforce Connector$ 6,000 / year
Total Solution Cost = (User License Cost * Number of Users) + Implementation Cost + Support Cost.

Determining the pricing for NetSuite, an Oracle product, involves considering various components. These include NetSuite licenses, NetSuite SuiteApps, NetSuite Support, NetSuite Implementation, and the NetSuite Connectors.

NetSuite ERP Licenses Pricing: NetSuite Licenses Pricing: NetSuite operates on a subscription-based model, with pricing based on factors like the number of users and required modules. The subscription fee covers access to NetSuite’s core functionality with a base price of $999/month and a user price of $120/month.

NetSuite SuiteApps: SuiteApps are third-party applications that enhance and extend the functionality of NetSuite. The pricing for SuiteApps can vary, with some being free while others requiring additional fees.NetSuite offers a vast marketplace of SuiteApps. The top SuiteApps may include solutions for CRM, e-commerce, inventory management, financial reporting, and more. The pricing for these SuiteApps can vary based on their specific features and functionalities.

NetSuite Support Pricing: NetSuite provides different support options. Essential Support is typically included in the subscription fee, providing access to self-service support and a knowledge base. There are also some additional support options, such as enhanced support or NetSuite Managed Services, which come at an additional cost. 

NetSuite Implementation Pricing: Implementing NetSuite involves configuration, customization, data migration, and training. The implementation cost can vary depending on the complexity of the organization’s requirements and the extent of customization needed. This cost is typically separate from the subscription fee. The implementation fee is a one-time payment from  $20,000 to $45,000.

Azdan adheres to the NetSuite One Implementation Methodology in their customer implementations to ensure successful and tailored implementations for customers of all sizes. It consists of five key elements:

NetSuite Pricing for Connectors: NetSuite offers connectors that integrate with other systems or platforms. Pricing for these connectors can vary depending on the specific integration requirements.

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How much does NetSuite cost/ user?

NetSuite’s Pricing Per User: The cost of NetSuite is determined by the specific user and their role, with licenses tailored to each named individual. Employing a SaaS pricing model, NetSuite aims to ease the transition between platforms for customers, keeping initial expenses low. The total cost you’ll incur is influenced by the initial modules you select, the quantity of users needing comprehensive access licenses, and the number of employees you plan to grant limited access licenses to.

Full Access Licenses: Typically, full access licenses are allocated to personnel who need to utilize certain ERP features regularly, such as CFOs, Controllers, Operations Directors, Sales VPs, Marketing Managers, etc. These individuals use NetSuite daily to retrieve extensive data, generate reports, and make pivotal business decisions.

Limited Access Licenses: On the other hand, limited access licenses in NetSuite are designated for staff members who only need to carry out specific, restricted activities within the ERP system. Common tasks include logging project hours and managing expenses and reports.

Cost for Report-Only Access: Executives often inquire about the expense for users who only require access to particular reports. NetSuite allows for the exportation of data, including predefined searches and reports, into Excel or Google Sheets. This is made possible through Azdan’ NetSuite Data Exporter Tool, which offers both a complimentary basic version and a subscription-based premium version to meet diverse needs.

What is NetSuite Pricing based on?

NetSuite pricing operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, eliminating upfront licensing fees and hardware costs. Instead, you pay an annual licensing fee and a one-time implementation fee. The annual licensing fee comprises four components:

  1. Base Package
  2. User licenses
  3. Add-on modules
  4. Service tier

Regarding implementation, NetSuite can be directly implemented by NetSuite or through a certified NetSuite Solution Provider. The implementation fee covers system setup, customization, integrations, training, data migration, and project management.

Discounts for Implementation Projects

The possibility of obtaining a discount on the implementation project rate is influenced by the scope of your implementation and the desired go-live date. For extensive implementations, we provide discounted rates for prepaid blocks of hours. Additionally, if your timeline to go live is more flexible, we can offer greater flexibility, as it aligns better with our team’s scheduling capabilities.

NetSuite Implementation Team Speed

The NetSuite implementation project typically occurs 2 to 4 weeks after the signing of your Service Agreement with most NetSuite partners.

NetSuite Billing & Duration

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, Oracle NetSuite ERP operates entirely on a subscription basis. The flexibility of the subscription terms allows you to manage the duration of your service agreement with ease, offering both monthly and annual subscription options.

For those embarking on a new ERP system journey, a long-term commitment is usually expected. We often advise NetSuite customers to consider a long-term subscription of five years or more. This strategy is beneficial for locking in your pricing, safeguarding against potential future price hikes during renewal phases.

To secure the most advantageous price protection and contract duration tailored to your requirements, engaging in a conversation with your NetSuite Partner is highly recommended.

The Value of NetSuite Partners

A NetSuite Partner is a key ally in leveraging cloud technology to stand out in the global market. They offer a comprehensive view of customer interactions, a unified data source, and instant data access, which are all essential for business efficiency. NetSuite’s ERP system is designed to be highly adaptable, conforming to your business’s unique needs and evolving with your growth and changing operations.

A NetSuite Implementation Partner’s role extends beyond mere installation. They are strategic advisors who fine-tune the system to fit your company perfectly. Implementing an ERP system is a critical operation for a business, akin to a heart transplant, where choosing the right NetSuite experts is comparable to selecting the best heart surgeon.

Post-Implementation Support: These partners bring invaluable expertise and a cooperative spirit to the table, guiding your team through the integration of your new Cloud ERP system. They assist in managing organizational changes and converting specific operations into efficient automations, maximizing your investment and preparing you for the future.

Even after the system is up and running, a good partner remains available for ongoing inquiries, support, enhancements, custom scripting, training, and any other ERP-related needs. Their deep understanding of your team and business ensures that any further assistance is as efficient as possible.

Why Choose Azdan?

  1. Tailored Approach: Azdan offers seamless NetSuite implementation services customized to meet your specific business needs. Whether you’re just starting out with NetSuite or undergoing a business transformation, Azdan’s consultants maximize your investments.
  2. Certified Team: Azdan’s team is certified and experienced in delivering high-quality NetSuite solutions. Their expertise ensures successful project delivery.
  3. Global Support: With 24/7 support, Azdan ensures that your NetSuite system performs optimally, minimizing any gaps between best practices and real-world scenarios.
  4. Industry Experience: Azdan’s consultants have extensive industry experience, helping you achieve your business goals effectively.
  5. Comprehensive Services: Azdan provides a range of services, including implementationtrainingautomationcustomizationintegration, and more.

Current NetSuite Promotions

While NetSuite generally does not run promotions, the most effective way to obtain the latest information is to schedule a consultation for an estimate 

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