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Oracle NetSuite

What is Oracle NetSuite?

What is Oracle NetSuite?

NetSuite is a cloud-based platform used by over 37,000 organizations globally to manage business functions like finance, inventory, and CRM. It’s a flexible ERP system that grows with your business, offering real-time data access and a suite of applications for various business needs. The SaaS model eliminates maintenance costs and allows for easy scalability, such as adding e-commerce capabilities. NetSuite provides a unified view of business operations, enhancing efficiency and agility.

Five Distinctive Features of NetSuite

NetSuite stands out in the cloud ERP software market, despite not being the sole option. Here’s what makes NetSuite unique:

  1. Integrated Business Operations: NetSuite enables companies to manage all business aspects from a single platform, integrating finance, supply chain, manufacturing, HR, and ecommerce into one system with a unified database. This eliminates the need for separate software for each function, allowing employees to easily track the performance of any part of the business.
  2. Seamless Application Integration: NetSuite’s applications are designed to work together, sharing a central database that acts as the sole repository of information. This eliminates the need for unreliable third-party integrations and supports real-time data updates. The cohesive user interface across all modules simplifies training and accelerates productivity, enabling users to complete complex processes within one application.
  3. Authentic Cloud Experience: Unlike some systems that are merely on-premises solutions made internet-accessible, NetSuite is a true cloud solution, originally created for and within the cloud environment. It avoids issues like outdated versions and slow upgrades, offering a scalable, multi-tenant cloud solution that can grow with your business.
  4. Advanced Reporting Tools: NetSuite’s robust data collection across various departments powers its comprehensive reporting features. With built-in tools, users can generate detailed reports on any measurable aspect of the business. Role-specific dashboards provide quick access to critical information for decision-making.
  5. Customizable to Industry Needs: NetSuite’s versatility comes from its ability to cater to a wide range of industries with its extensive features and the capacity to tailor the platform to different business requirements. Through SuiteCloud applications and tools, NetSuite can be customized to fit the unique processes and structures of any company, from large multinationals to emerging startups.

What are the benefits of Oracle NetSuite?

From fast-growing start-ups to global enterprises, NetSuite powers innovation and growth across a variety of industries. Below is a cross-section of why those companies are choosing the #1 ERP

What is Oracle NetSuite? 2

True Cloud

Multi-tenant with global access from anywhere

What is Oracle NetSuite? 3


Better positioned for funding rounds and board conversations

What is Oracle NetSuite? 4

Leading Practices

immediately adopt 250+ reports using leading practices

What is Oracle NetSuite? 5

Innovation Platform

Easily launch new business models & expand globally

Foodics and Azdan Teams

Success Story

What is Oracle NetSuite? 6

Azdan helped Foodics to boost their performance across different regions with Oracle Netsuite

What is included in Oracle NetSuite?

From fast-growing start-ups to global enterprises, NetSuite powers innovation and growth across a variety of industries. Below is a cross-section of why those companies are choosing the #1 ERP.

Financial Management

Integrated software system to manage core business processes and resources efficiently.

Supply Chain

Streamlined oversight and optimization of the end-to-end supply chain, from sourcing to delivery.


Comprehensive tools for managing and nurturing customer interactions and relationships.


Software solution to plan, execute, and manage professional services projects and resources effectively

HR & Payroll

A solution within NetSuite for managing human resources and payroll processes efficiently.

NetSuite in Arabic

NetSuite ERP is localized and available in Arabic language, catering to Middle East users.

What is Oracle NetSuite

84% of companies in the Forbes Cloud 100 list are NetSuite customers

The Cloud 100 is Forbes’ definitive ranking of the best, brightest, most valuable private companies in the cloud.

Adaptability has never been more important.

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NetSuite ERP for Geidea

NetSuite Financials

Boost financial operations, get real-time visibility with Azdan's NetSuite Financials implementation.

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VAT Reporting for Middle East

Implify VAT compliance and automate reporting processes with Azdan's comprehensive solution.

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HR & Payroll for Middle East

Optimize HR operations and ensure accurate payroll management with Azdan's tailored solution.

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