Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East

HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East

As your business scales, multiple challenges start surfacing that include managing processes and data, workforce optimization, and more. With the growing number of employees, managing human capital becomes complicated, from recruiting, training, and payroll automation, to regulatory compliance. Besides, your sensitive information may be exposed in different locations.

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Most of the solutions listed in this article are compliant with the local regulations in those countries: United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan.

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The #1 Cloud ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP and HR

HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East


Inopeople is all-inclusive, cloud-based, unites all aspects of HR, payroll process and talent management. Inopeople is one of the top HR and payroll software as it helps companies to transform the employee experience, streamline recruitment and onboarding, control human resource costs, anticipate workforce needs, measure employee performance and reduce turnover of high performers.

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Jisr HR

Jisr HR is an integrated HR management system tailored for Saudi Arabian companies, offering features like digital employee profiles, attendance tracking, performance analysis, payroll processing, people analytics, customizable organization structures, leave management, benefits administration, workflow automation, recruitment management, and governmental platform integrations. It’s designed for efficiency and compliance with Saudi labor laws, providing a streamlined solution for all HR-related tasks.

Jisr HR system screenshot

Zen HR

ZenHR is a cloud-based HRMS completely localized to the Middle East. It employs a bilingual (English and Arabic) user interface and mobile app. ZenHR is part of a complete HR value chain and it integrates with multiple parties such as Cavall, Career Connect, and Testello.


Palm HR

Palm HR is a cloud-based HR management software for companies in Saudi Arabia, featuring end-to-end HR solutions like employee data management, automated payroll, performance monitoring, time and attendance tracking, leave management, recruitment, onboarding/offboarding, and built-in integrations with local governmental platforms such as Mudad, GOSI, and Muqeem. It’s designed to enhance productivity and ensure compliance with local labor laws, all supported by’s customer service

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Mena iTech

MenaITech has led the way in developing HCIS, HR and Payroll software management solutions to corporate and public-sector clients across a diverse range of industries and to organizations of all sizes. Their customers increase efficiency and accessibility through the MenaME® self-service module.

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HITS HR & Payroll Software

HITS HR & Payroll software products, you can select the modules and features that meet your requirements, across HITS modules: such as HR foundation, payroll automation, benefits management, vacation management, time management, training management, performance management, recruitment, and dashboards.

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BSH Soft

BSH provides Multi-Country Outsourced HR and Payroll software that allows the users to setup process rules-based allowances (overtime, absence, benefits, etc.) with Accruals calculation and posting. BSH allows you to generate and post payroll reports, bank files, fund requests automatically.

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Gulf HR

GulfHR is a modular cloud-based platform. The solution can be integrated with current finance and accounting systems, as well as time and attendance tracking devices. It is ISO compliant. The core modules are employee self service, payroll, HR & admin, training and development, leave & abseence and dashboards

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Nathan HR

Nathan & Nathan began servicing customers in 2012 and has quickly grown to be a leader. The solution are deployed through our cloud, desktop, and mobile system. The core HR and Payroll software capabilities include visa Tracking, Onboarding, Attendance, Leave, Letters, Expense Claims. Automated Payroll, Payslips, WPS, Accruals and multiple Reports

Nathan HR


Performly is a cloud based products focus on Performance Driven culture, HR Self-service workflows, Payroll & Internal communication along Organizations. The subscription can meet low-budget profiles. It includes multiple modules such as attendance, admin reports, vacation, recruitment, and appointments.

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Web HR

WebHR is a Cloud based Social HR Software for SMEs. Free for 05 Employees and as low as $ 1.0 per employee per month. WebHR facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees' management, payroll, performance, training etc. In fact, WebHR can be used to simplify the daily tasks involved in the HR Department.



Elevatus is an award-winning recruitment and video interviewing software that automates the entire hiring cycle from creating job requisitions to onboarding new hires. It helps enterprises find, rank and score applicants based on their answers and match them to the best jobs. Elevatus is a transformational player in powering the evolution of HR technology through artificial intelligence.

elevatus hr software Eva-Rec


In summary, choosing the right HR and payroll software is crucial for businesses in the Middle East to navigate complex regulations and manage their workforce effectively. The top 10 solutions listed offer a range of features tailored to different needs, from recruitment to payroll automation. With these tools, businesses can streamline processes, ensure compliance, and empower their workforce for success in the region’s dynamic landscape.

Connect Human Capital to core operations

Oracle NetSuite HR and Payroll

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