Oracle NetSuite vs Odoo

Oracle NetSuite vs Odoo comparison

While the digital transformation trend continues to influence all industries all over the globe, it is important that companies adapt to this trend with the right tools. With the growing alternatives in ERP solutions, which is the most important key to digital transformation, it is harder now to make the right decision.

In this article, we will compare the top features for Oracle NetSuite vs Odoo

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Top 5 Oracle NetSuite Features

What is Oracle NetSuite

1. True Cloud SaaS

Users typically access the same solution from the same cloud. This gives customers continuous and instantaneous access to the latest product upgrades at the same time.

2. Roles and Permissions.

By using roles in NetSuite, you can define permissions for the users to the records which they can access and level of access. for example, they can view the records only or view and edit.

3. Customizable Platform

NetSuite include a Cloud development platform for scripting, workflow, and extending applications using integration.

4. All in one

NetSuite contains multiple business solutions under one umbrella without any need for integration such as ERP, CRM, Project management, supply chain and HR.

5. Strong Consolidation Engine

NetSuite has more than 20 years of experience in financial consolidation, and all NetSuite consultants can easily implement this feature.

Top 5 Odoo Features

Oracle NetSuite vs Odoo

1. Attractive User Interface

The attractive user interface of Odoo wins their users' confidence and creates an efficient and satisfactory experience.

2. Industry Diversity

Odoo doesn’t focus on specific industries or verticals, their users are varied across multiple industries from startups to large enterprises.

3. Affordable Prices

Odoo has become the favorite choice for many businesses because it handles a range of business needs at very affordable prices.

4. On-premise deployment availability

Some companies prefer to go on-premise. the option of deploying the solution either on-premise or in the cloud as more flexible than a cloud-only model.

5. Large Turnover

According to Odoo, it is used by over 5M users across the 3 deployments models in more than 120 countries, and more than 100M turnover.


Before you dive into choosing Oracle NetSuite vs Odoo. Write down all your needs and let each software vendor to answer them one by one. Some examples of the selection criteria are:

  • Vertical Industry Experience
  • Price
  • Fit for Your Organization
  • Solution Scalability
  • References
  • Implementation Partner
  • Support and managed services
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