Oracle NetSuite vs SAP Business One

Oracle NetSuite vs SAP Business One comparison

The functional and technical gaps between enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are shrinking. With marginal differences between platforms, how can you take a more progressive approach to ERP selection for all your business needs? There are countless ERP solutions available. but as long as you are reading this article, you are comparing between very big giants. In this article, we highlighted the main differences between Oracle NetSuite vs SAP business one in 10 straight points.

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Top 5 Oracle NetSuite Features

What is Oracle NetSuite

1. True Cloud ERP (SaaS)

NetSuite has more than 40,000 users running on the same version of a multi-tenant cloud. All Users typically access the same solution on the same version.

2. Drill through custom reports

NetSuite uses a single data source and database for all information, and this means that even as customers build out customized reports, they can still drill down/drill through from summary to detailed levels.

3. Seamless Customization

NetSuite supports point-and-click, standards-based application customization, and rapid configuration of processes, interfaces, roles, and reports that you can do yourself without writing a single line of code.

4. Consistent Interface

NetSuite contains multiple business solutions under one umbrella with the same User Interface such as ERP, CRM, Project management, supply chain and HR.

5. Fixed Implementation Price

NetSuite implementation price is fixed as implantation doesn't contain many custom development work except in specific conditions, that's why the costs can be fixed.

Top 5 SAP Business One Features

Oracle NetSuite vs SAP Business One

1. Suite of Applications

SAP B1 has a robust suite of applications including standalone analytics, in-depth travel expense management, and end-to-end procurement ( via Leonardo & Ariba).

2. Deep Experience in Manufacturing

SAP has deeper functionality in the Manufacturing area, especially around Engineer too Order, Demand Planning, and Material Resources Planning.

3. You are in a big Company

SAP Business One has a large install base of 50,000 customers worldwide and has a large network of SAP Value-added Resellers and ISV.

4. Different Hosting Methods

SAP’s hosted version of Business One is a private cloud and can be hosted behind the firewall in a customers environment. Also, Sap B1 can be on-premises.

5. Analytics and Reporting

SAP B1 provides analytics and reporting tools such as SAP Crystal Reports and integration with Excel


Comparing Oracle NetSuite vs SAP Business One is a long process with many factors to consider. However, it can be divided into manageable parts. Follow the step-by-step process we outlined and discuss the following points with your stakeholders:

  • Vertical Industry Experience
  • Licenses and implementation cost
  • Ease of customization
  • Solution Scalability
  • References
  • Implementation Partner cabapilities
  • Vendor viability
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