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This in-depth assessment takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Do you remember your last budget meeting? 

If you're similar to many finance professionals, it was a long, exhausting process that was not particularly ineffective. when your budget contains multiple categories and a variety of decision-makers, things can get a little complicated.

At Azdan, we deveolped a model to look at the practice and awareness of financial management and relates that to the outcomes that financial teams might expect.

The model evaluate where your business sits on the path to full data-driven financial management. Then, it scores 5 different aspects in percentages, 0% is the lowest maturity level and 100% is the highest maturity level.

Are You Doing Financial Planning The Right Way?

Financial Management Maturity Assessment

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“The efficiency increase in planning alone is very impressive! What took several hours before we now achieve within seconds.“

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1. Start by answering 16 key questions grouped under this 5 aspects

2. Assess which percentage your organisation is at on our financial management maturity scale.

0% - 20% 😣

Budgets are frequently over-spent with limited understanding of the causal factors and no remedial action planned.

You are aware of some issues with the current processes, but you overspend too late to bring them back into line

20% - 40% 😕

40% - 60% 🤔

You manage well when the environment is familiar and stable. You can reduce costs throug efficiency programmes and budget cutting.

60% - 80% ☺️

You respond to challenge in good time and anticipate significant impacts. You are able to deliver cost efficiency programmes.

80% - 100% 🤓

You continually striving for excellence,  delivers programs to time, cost and the planned level of quality, with very few exceptions.

Organisational behaviors are then set out at 5 levels of maturity with 0% being the lowest level and 100% the highest.

It might not be appropriate or necessary for every organisation to strive for 100% performance. In some cases, performing at 100% may not be cost-effective, the effort required may be disproportional to the potential outcome, and it may not be necessary for the organisation’s needs. When applying the model.

It will be important to consider the unique circumstances of each organisation and what ‘good’ would look, sound and feel like for each organisation, as it may vary widely between bodies.

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