Financial Consolidation


Optimize the financial consolidation and close process with confidence, No matter your number of subsidiaries!

Benefit from our financial consolidation best practice

Financial Consolidation Solution helps streamline financial close and consolidation while addressing complex global accounting and reporting requirements by providing rapid insights into financial and operating results.

Azdan Financial Consolidation Solution is a cloud or on premises application that dramatically reduces time and cost and provides you with real time reporting on consolidated data through dashboard capability. Our solution provides robust automation, process-driven workflow, stringent controls and detailed audit logs to modernize legacy approaches.

Components for successful financial consolidation

Chart of accounts and rules

Define control groups between main accounts and related details or variations to be displayed in reports.


Whatever your existing ERP, we can integrate data quickly from multiple sources including spreadsheets and native databases.

Intercompany Elimination

Simply add new entries or access the intercompany dashboard to define groups of accounts for matching or eliminations.

Realtime Dashboards

Provide real-time insight and access to data with interactive process and financial dashboards.

Approval Automation

Ensure audit compliance for tasks like journal adjustment with enforced segregation of duties and powerful scheduling capabilities


Generate multiple, simultaneous consolidations for GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS).

Do you need to try yourself how financial consolidation and close works?

The platforms we use create value for our clients

Whether you choose a simpler first phase to get profits quickly or you opt for full deployment, you are in the right place!

Oracle Financial Consolidation

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close cloud or on-prem is complete end-to-end solution gives you visibility into the entire close, consolidation, data collection, and reporting activities.

NetSuite multibook accounting

Optimise the financial close process with concurrent posting to all books as your business transactions occur, rather than waiting till the end of the period to replicate data entry.

Tagetik Consolidation & close

CCH Tagetik unify disparate financial and operational processes in one automated platform. you will get process driven financial intelligence that orchestrates your data.

Ittihad Investment shorten their financial close cycle

Discover Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

Take a detailed look at our Oracle EPM experience combined with a deep understanding of enterprise finance business processes, global implementations, and best practices.

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