10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East

Organizations across the Middle East are increasingly selecting Oracle NetSuite to unlock growth and take their businesses to the next level. With NetSuite, organizations operating in the region can take advantage of an integrated business platform in the cloud to gain the visibility and control needed to navigate change, meet regulatory requirements, and accelerate growth. In this Article, we will cover the top 10 recognized NetSuite implementation in Middle East.

1. Deyaar

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 1

Deyaar is one of the largest developers in Dubai, its real estate ventures span major growth corridors and prime locations. The company’s current project portfolio includes iconic residential and commercial tower developments as well as upcoming hospitality developments.
Azdan Tailored Oracle NetSuite to serve Deyaar Owner’s Association in their respective operations. This is one of the biggest Oracle NetSuite implementations in the Middle East transfer from legacy Oracle EBS & ERP to Oracle NetSuite ERP Solutions as a complete package to cater to all services and needs including, but not limited to HR & Payroll, Accounts, e-Procurement & Financial Reporting etc.

2. Al Faris Group

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 2

Founded in 1992, the family owned business operates in art lifting and transport equipment and through integrated best practices in QHSE, they provide – safe, innovative, and reliable solutions for Heavy Lifting & Transport.
With a growing number of projects and clients, timesheet management and resource utilization became cumbersome using Excel. A team of only three people can now consistently manage between 400 to 500 timesheets a day, using NetSuite technology to automatically bill according to specific weekly, monthly or hourly requirements. 

3. Dubai Tehnology Partners

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 3

DTP is a technology solutions provider with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed to optimize planning and operations in the aviation industry.
Azdan helped DTP to fly at full SpeedWith its financials, services business and sales operations all running on NetSuite. Employees can drill down to transaction levels in reports, executives can compare margins across the different business classes, and project management is more proactive and efficient than ever.

4. Al Habib Real Estate

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 4

Established in 1972, Mohammad Al-Habib Real Estate and Investment Company was initially formed to address the increasing complexity of the Kingdom’s real estate industry and in response to the burgeoning development of Saudi Arabia.
Now, everyone—from finance to sales and human resources— create reports for management in a matter of minutes, giving details on sales leads, KPIs and project deadlines. Auditors have also found extracting information far easier.

5. Severals Travel

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 5

Founded and funded by a visionary investor who’s worked in the aviation and travel industries for over 30 years, Severals was established in Egypt to capitalize on the growing demand of travel solutions in the Middle East and beyond.

Relying on Excel for its finances and customer billing left the company struggling with incorrect information and bogged down in manual processes as they operated and had to translate budgets and spend across currencies.

6. Al Zahrawi Medical

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 5
Within the growing GCC Healthcare Industry, Al Zahrawi Medical is a leading company dedicated to contribute to the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman Markets by supplying high-quality products and services to hospitals, clinics, laboratories and analytical industries. The distributor uses NetSuite’s ERP software for everything from finance to logistics to sales and forecasting, having concluded that cloud-based systems would be easiest to integrate across multiple countries. 

7. Reportage Properties

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 7

Reportage Properties was threatened by process inefficiencies and poor visibility locked inside a legacy environment. they used to have daily backups that were time-consuming and unproductive for staff.
The company is now running a cloud-based solution that would deliver a single view of all customers to enable a superior and seamless, omnichannel experience across in-store, online and call center touchpoints and that could scale to significant increases in market demand.

8. Bayt.com

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 8

Bayt.com is the leading job site in the Middle East and North Africa, connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire. Every day, thousands of new job vacancies are listed on the award-winning platform from the region’s top employers. Bayt.com realized it needed a ready-made IT system built for finance people that was easy to use, requiring minimum effort to deploy and run. NetSuite has supported the dot-com business through its double digit growth while needing 20 percent less accounting staff, allowing it to scale and keep up with industry best practices.

9. Almed Retail

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 9

Almed Retail is operating in the fitness & leisure, food & beverage and retail sectors is running big brands such as GoldBox Fitness and JJ Chicken. The boutique franchise investor realized that they need better tools to improve their financial management than their old legacy ERP system.
Centralized financial management and inventory control operations across Retail Services in UAE on a single platform, Oracle NetSuite, while standardizing procedures, enhancing the company’s transaction processing performance, and improving business management.

10. AShorafa Insurance

10 Recognized NetSuite Implementation in Middle East 10

Al shorafa insurance – the insurance broker with over 25+ years of history was facing a big issue during the growth. It became harder to consolidate its financials and swiftly prepare reports for insurance carriers, customers and auditors due to the large volume of transactions.

Al Shorafa Insurance is now able to mimic human behavior – the rule-based, manual, data-driven actions that people are taking and automates it in a very transparent way for our insurance carriers & partners. this is a fully automated NetSuite implementation in Middle East

Jack Tadros

Jack Tadros

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