7 Robotic Process Automation uses for the Construction industry

In this Article, Azdan team will walk through many operational RPA & automation opportunities for construction firms.

Azdan believes that RPA has a huge opportunity for construction firms, especially in the middle east. We are expanding the use of robotic process automation to our construction clients as we believe that construction firms can successfully extend their automation beyond worksites to reach various processes in different functions.

You can discover the readiest and most suitable process for construction automation using Azdan free RPA process discovery tool.

1. Billing operations

Construction firms in our region – middle east – are experiencing cash flow problems resulting from Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) delays. Each invoice required, on average, more than 100 pages of back-up data that had to be pulled from 10 different systems such as ERP, legacy platforms, labour management, and many other portals. Accordingly, Those firms effectively freed up multiple FTE hours.

Construction firms will benefit from extraordinary productivity results if they are issuing hundreds of invoices per day.

2. Invoice creation

Bots can consolidate much information from different sources into a single form. This process has a high automation potential to automate since it mostly relies on structured data to generate invoices to be sent to customers which leads to earlier payments and improved cash flow. 

3. Updating databases

Legacy systems still perform critical functions at many construction firms. Such legacy systems can’t pull relevant data from modern APIs. In such cases, employees manually migrate data using formats flat files like CSV. In such cases, bots can update client, vendor, supplier or subcontractor information easily.

4. Document Management

File scanned documents into a centralized, easily managed system. Azdan is using Blue prism bots in screen scraping, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and basic pattern recognition technologies to enable data extraction from almost any format.

5. Site Cost monitoring

We can produce cost-to-estimate reports, pulling in data from contractors and suppliers, importing it into the project budget and generating real-time analytics into regular weekly, daily or on-demand reports.

6. Processing invoices

Bots can extract the data from the invoices an enter them to ERP. and can also send a confirmation email to vendors and customers highlighting any missing data automatically without manual interference.

7. RFP response process

Creating an automated estimate, gathering the required documentation.

Jack Tadros

Jack Tadros

Jack is a full-stack marketer at Azdan where he is executing demand generation programs for enterprise performance, automation, and management solutions.

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