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Azdan, the largest Blue Prism partner in UAE deploy RPA significant services for project success and full value realization.

The top notch RPA developers in the Middle East and GCC

Azdan work with Blue Prism at various stages of RPA Journey. We are helping our clients to construct their Center Of Excellence and have many automations that run 24/7 as they pursue their goal of end to end automation for their organizations.

We do however have clients that are starting their journey in the early stages, we are helping them to map employee activities and processes, identifying where automation is the key to immediate and long-term optimization.​

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Discover the process with the most automation potential

Automation technologies such as robotic process automation can play an increasingly great role in every corporate. Azdan can assist you in answering the most challenging question: which tasks will or won’t be replaced by robots?

Azdan RPA developers can provide proof of concept for your process and to show proof of value to the saved time and money. All proof of value at Azdan developed on Blue Prism is free of charge whatever your requirements and wherever you are located.


Many Companies are going to robotic process automation to eliminate manual mundane tasks, freeing corporate workers to focus on higher value work. Azdan is helping them in proper design, planning and governance. Azdan is using RPA to utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications just like your workforce do. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks.

Azdan Process Discovery is a free tool that enables you to automatically assesses and ranks your processes in terms of most automation-ready to least, with insight into the potential financial impact and the highest return on investment from Blue Prism.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can acquire your user licenses directly from Azdan. Azdan as a solution provider can deliver complete cloud computing solutions, from selling NetSuite licenses to implementation and support.

Many vendors have very well-established product lines. We are not biased to any of them. We are only considering delivery critical factors such as solution functionality based on your vertical industry needs.

The implementation time frame vary according to the project size. the average duration is 3 months for small to medium projects. and 4 to 6 months for large implementations.

Yes, we can travel to visit your team onsite incase you need to discuss your project in details. However, If you need to speed up the process, we are excited to have an online remote session first.

Azdan has 4 global offices in UK, UAE, Egypt, and Rwanda. These global offices are serving 20+ countries that are not limited to KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Rwanda, Egypt, UK, and UAE.

The Implementation price vary according to your specific needs and requirements. Feel free to contact our sales team here to receive a budgetary quotation.

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