ERP for Agriculture

Optimize day-to-day supply chain operations with NetSuite ERP for Agriculture

Azdan ERP for Agriculture manage sustainable food supply chains while increasing farming efficiencies.

Finance & Accounting

NetSuite’s cloud finance and accounting solutions seamlessly couple core accounting functionality with real-time financial visibility and business insights to drive financial excellence.

Financial Consolidation

Consolidate your multi-currency multi-language reports such as cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, rollovers in single click.

Financial planning

Drive accurate, connected plans—from long-range planning to periodic rolling forecasts and line-of-business planning—that incorporate best practices as needed.


Deliver powerful CRM capabilities, including sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer support and service.

Crops Management

Managing Farm Tasks such as tilling, planting, pest detection and control, irrigation, fertilization, harvesting, and shipping

Crops Demand Profiles

NetSuite Demand planning module will provide the industry users with the ability to predict required inventory based on historical demand for the the short Lifecycle of the products.

Dairy Products Distribution

Regulating the livestock distribution to retail outlets and cover their operations such as providing quota-based sales to retail users and distributors, returning of spoilt/defected livestock and enable stores to sales through bulk booking.

Manufacturing & Quality

Create, release, update and monitor agriculture process orders throughout the production process. Define inspection plans, pass / fail criteria, collect results and monitor in real-time.


Agribusiness Procurement

Track the logistics and manage the time schedule for procurement in Realtime and make multiple purchases/blanket POs at the same time from multiple farmers.

Functionality Overview

Do you wish you could reduce administrative time so that you and your staff could spend more time operating your core wholesale business?
Here are the list of features to equip your next NetSuite implementation.


General Ledger
Accounts Payable/Receivable
Revenue Recognition
Financial Consolidation
VAT Reporting
Cash Flow

Sales and Service

Sales Force Automation
Optimized Marketing
Customer Portal & Service
Mobile Application
Single Customer View


Digital Agriculture
Planning based Crop Requests
Work Order
Quality Assurance
Return Management
Machinery & Resources


Inbound/Outbound Logistics
Inventory Replenishment
Inventory Cycle Counting
Item/Asset Traceability
Warehouse Management
3-Way Match and Payment

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Control Tower
Demand/Supply Planning
Purchase Requisition/Orders
Production Management
Work Order Management

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Oracle Planning & Budgeting

Oracle PBCS can drive accurate, connected plans—from long-range planning to periodic rolling forecasts and line-of-business planning—that incorporate best practices.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP software is a powerful growth catalyst for mid-market companies. We help you get the most out of your implementation with low license price.

Blue Prism RPA

Blue Prism’s connected-RPA Platform connects your human workforce with the capabilities of today’s Digital Workforce to generate outcomes with greater speed, agility, accuracy, and efficiency.

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ERP for Agriculture and erp for agribusiness

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