Sync Financials and Inventory levels for your restaurant

NetSuite ERP for Foodics PoS

Our NetSuite integration expertise will give you the edge

As a Built for NetSuite and Foodics partner, we have years of experience building integrations between these two platforms. We know that it's not only about how quickly you develop your first integration, but also how fast you can connect NetSuite ERP for Foodics. Our customers are up and running quickly because Azdan simplifies the design, deployment, and management of API management integration projects. No matter how complex or straightforward your NetSuite integration is, our team of experts is on hand to help you every step of the way.

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Unified Data

Get synchronized data for consistent inventory, sales orders, and customer info.

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Inventory Control

Get real-time inventory tracking, ensuring that stock levels are accurate in both systems.

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It provides managers with insights into their F&B operations, aiding decision-making.

JJ Chicken, Almed Retail automates the benefits of Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Streamlined Integration

Get efficient data sharing, centralized management of inventory, sales orders, and customer information, leading to enhanced business processes and improved decision-making.

Seamlessly connect restaurants to the back office with Azdan integration to automate and orchestrate workflows such as order-to-cash across sales, inventory, finance, and much more.

Ensure your back office has access to the restaurant’s data by automatically synchronizing Foodics data and connecting information from Foodics. Increase productivity for the enterprise with a single source of truth.

NetSuite is a robust cloud-based ERP system that helps companies plan all aspects of their business. Yet, most restaurants also use Foodics to run the front office. To get the most out of NetSuite, connect it to your Point of Sale. The NetSuite ERP for Foodics can maximize the value of your NetSuite system and Foodics altogether.

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Discover Oracle NetSuite ERP for Foodics!

Experience seamless business management with Oracle NetSuite ERP integrated for Foodics.