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Emirates Transport

About Emirates Transport

Emirates Transport is a prominent UAE-based transportation and logistics company. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including school bus transportation, corporate fleet management, and ambulance services. With a strong emphasis on safety and quality, Emirates Transport operates a vast fleet of vehicles and covers all seven emirates. They are committed to sustainability and employ technology to enhance their operations and customer experience.


Emirates Transport


United Arab Emirates


Logistics & Transportation

Azdan Solution

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management


1,000+ Employees

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Business Situation

Emirates provides various services to government, federal, and local entities as well as private sector organizations. they had no integrated system for budget analysis and execution, relying exclusively on old legacy systems.


Azdan developed reporting and analysis Oracle PBCS that integrates with their operational and finance systems for variance analysis, narrative reporting, and budget report generation

Emirates Transport


The largest school transport provider in the UAE now achieves continuous alignment of budget consumption with financial forecasts.

  • Through this optimization, they successfully avoid budget overruns, ensuring that 100% of their financial health is closely monitored.
  • The implementation enables real-time tracking, allowing them to efficiently manage their budget and maintain financial stability.
  • By achieving 100% alignment, they significantly reduce the risk of exceeding budget limits, ensuring a healthier financial position.