Saudi E-Invoice for NetSuite

In compliance with Saudi Arabia's
new e-invoicing regulations

How E-Invoicing is working on NetSuite for KSA?

ZATCA authority in KSA issued its new e-invoicing (FATOORAH) regulations. Azdan E-invoice for NetSuite solutions has a tamper-proof, and appropriate controls to be implemented on Oracle NetSuite to ensure data integrity. Azdan solution support integrate into external systems via Application Programming Interface (APIs).

HR & Payroll for NetSuite

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NetSuite in Arabic

Translate NetSuite interface, forms, reports and print Arabic documents as PDF.
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Azdan powers intelligent finance with Oracle NetSuite

Azdan simplifies the creation and management invoices to streamline your entire NetSuite financial operations in compliance with the new e-invoicing regulations.

Bulk e-invoice for NetSuite

You can push invoices and their associated notes to the ZATCA portal in bulk for authentication.

Fiscal Control

A universally Unique Identifier (UUID) generated and signed by the ZATCA portal is included.


Invoices can be archived electronically with their associated data for 6 years.

Saudi Arabia E-Invoice for NetSuite | Azdan 2

Invoice Format

Companies will be able to issue electronic invoices UBL- XML o PDF with embedded XML.

Print Format

Printed B2B electronic invoices will include a QR code that final recipients will be able to use to verify the authenticity of invoices.

Electronic Payment

NetSuite Electronic Payments enables you to pay vendor bills and employee expenses across the globe directly from NetSuite.

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Azdan Implementation includes:

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