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Azdan Referral Program

Advocate for Azdan and Get Rewarded! Join our Community Referral Program to introduce Azdan to prospective clients and in return receive a referral commission fee. 

Why Join the Azdan Community Referral Program?

Join the Azdan Community Referral Program to help your network find the best software solutions, earn commission, and access exclusive resources and events.

Partner Referral Program 1

Training on Solutions

Receive free training on Azdan solutions, helping your team maximize the benefits from our technologies.

Partner Referral Program 2

Get 10% Commission

Enjoy a 10% commission on your referrals plan on the implementation services.

Partner Referral Program 3

Join the Community

Get exclusive access to a network of professionals, webinars, and Azdan subject matter experts.

Partner Referral Program 4

Refer and Earn

If the company you refer becomes an Azdan customer, you'll receive an additional special reward

What Are the Steps Of Joining Azdan Community Referral Program?

Joining the Azdan Community Referral Program and referring a company is a simple process that can be done through a dedicated form on our website. Here is an outline of the steps to follow:

You will provide both your personal and company information to complete the process. Your details help us tailor our offerings to meet your needs. Rest assured, your information is secure and confidential. 

You can select the way you’d like to be rewarded for successful referrals to Azdan.
Monetary Reward: Receive a 10% commission based on the implementation
services of the referred company.
Benefit-Only: Opt for this if you prefer to take advantage of the program’s benefits
without receiving any monetary compensation.

Before submitting your application, please review and agree to the Azdan Community Referral Program’s terms and conditions. Your understanding and compliance with these terms are essential for a seamless and beneficial engagement.

Once you’ve filled out and submitted the form, our team will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible to finalize your membership. After that, you can start making referrals and enjoying the benefits!

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