RPA Process Discovery Tool

Discover the business process with the most automation potential

What is RPA Process Discovery tool?

The Process Discovery Tool is a free-to-use online calculator developed by Azdan that discover the most suitable and ready process for your upcoming robotic process automation project. Azdan is using a scientific approach to calculate volume of the process, suitability and the readiness score.
Processes with the most automation potential are almost entirely digital, and executed repeatedly using the applications. These processes have the highest suitability and readiness score. we recommend to start deploying deploying Proof of Concepts to them to generate quick RPA wins.

3 main strategies to discover the automation-ready process

1. Process Volume

The process volume is the ratio between total process execution time per year to the full time equivalent for 1 employee per year.

let’s assume that your 1 hour process is executed 600 times/year, and your employee is working 8 hours a day for 225 days/year. the process volume will be (1×600)/(8×225)= 0.33

2. Process Suitability

The suitability score is the weighted average to three main factors:
Human interpretation – the most suitable process is that does not need too much human involvement.
Data characteristics – RPA loves structured data with fixed and predefined inputs.
IT applications – Make sure that you have a well maintained management software such as ERP

3. Process Readiness

The readiness score is the weighted average to two main factors:
Standardization – the most automation-ready process is the most standard one with predefined decision tree.
Digitalization – this means that all inputs & data are stored digitally with minimal or no paper work.

The platforms we use create value for our clients

Whether you choose a simpler first phase to get profits from a Proof of Concept quickly or you opt for full deployment, you are in the right place!

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