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ADQ Achieves Financial Efficiency With Oracle EPM

ADQ Holding

About Abu Dhabi Development Holding (ADQ)

Abu Dhabi Development Holding is founded in 2018 in Abu Dhabi, It is a prominent holding company with extensive local and international investments. As both an asset owner and investor, ADQ's diverse portfolio includes major enterprises across key sectors such as energy, utilities, food, agriculture, healthcare, pharma, and mobility. As a key ally of the Abu Dhabi government, ADQ is dedicated to expediting the emirate's evolution into a globally competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation.


Abu Dhabi Development Holding (ADQ)


United Arab Emirates



Azdan Solution

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

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Business Situation

Before Oracle EPM implementation, Abu Dhabi Development Holding faced challenges in performance management, budgeting, and forecasting. Financial processes were unstreamlined, leading to inefficiencies. The organization identified a crucial need to enhance data transparency. This underscored the decision to implement Oracle EPM for improved financial operations, accurate budgeting, forecasting, and increased data clarity.


Azdan addresses ADQ's challenges by implementing Oracle EPM and by providing advanced tools for streamlined performance management, integrated financial processes, and enhanced budgeting and forecasting. Oracle EPM ensures comprehensive solutions for Abu Dhabi Development Holding's financial and operational needs. Scalable and user-friendly, the platform facilitates user adoption and training, positioning Abu Dhabi Development Holding for more effective and data-driven decision-making as the organization grows.


The implementation of Oracle EPM to ADQ has resulted in significant improvements:

  • Performance Boost: Achieved a 20% reduction in manual performance tracking and reporting time, streamlining processes.
  • Financial Efficiency: Realized a 15% reduction in financial task processing times, optimizing overall financial operations.
  • Precision in Decision-Making: Improved budgeting and forecasting accuracy by 25%, empowering ADQ with informed business decisions.
  • Clear Insights: Centralized financial and performance data led to a 30% improvement in data transparency, enhancing decision-making.
  • Risk Reduction: Implemented risk management features, resulting in a 15% decrease in financial and operational risks for compliance.