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Agrimatco: Best Global Financials Implementation Results With NetSuite

About Agrimatco

AgrimatcoLTD stands as a distinctive global agricultural distributor, functioning in 50 nations. They engage in the supply of crop care items, specialized fertilizers, seeds, animal health solutions, public health products, and farming equipment. Their aim is to lead in delivering farming inputs and services to our operational regions' farmers.




United Arab Emirates


Wholesale distribution

Azdan Solution

Oracle NetSuite


200-500 Employees

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Business Situation

Before the implementation of NetSuite, Agrimatco faced significant challenges in managing its global financial operations. The company's expansive international presence was marked by complex financial processes that strained operational efficiency and hindered accurate reporting.


NetSuite offers Agrimatco a unified platform to consolidate and standardize financial processes, eliminating fragmentation and discrepancies. By automating manual tasks and providing real-time data visibility, NetSuite enhances accuracy, accelerates decision-making, and ensures compliance with diverse regulations.

Agrimatco's team


1. Enhanced Financial Accuracy: Achieved a 35% reduction in financial discrepancies and errors through standardized processes and automated data entry.
2. Real-time Visibility: Gained a 50% improvement in real-time financial visibility, enabling swift and informed decision-making across global operations.
3. Compliance Efficiency: Streamlined compliance efforts, resulting in a 25% decrease in regulatory issues and penalties through standardized reporting and adherence to regional regulations.
4. Efficient Reporting: Reduced reporting time by 40%, generating timely and accurate financial reports for analysis and strategic planning.
5. Scalability: Managed 30% business growth seamlessly, with NetSuite's scalable infrastructure facilitating smooth integration of new acquisitions and expanding operations across diverse regions.