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DMG Mountain View discovers true Integrated Planning with Azdan.

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About DMG Mountain View

DMG Mountain View is a real estate development company based in Egypt. They specialize in creating residential communities and commercial projects. The company aims to provide high-quality and innovative developments that enhance the local landscape and contribute to sustainable urban development.
DMG Mountain View offers a diverse range of projects, including residential compounds, villas, townhouses, and apartments. They focus on creating well-designed communities with amenities such as parks, landscaped areas, retail spaces, and recreational facilities.


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Business Situation

They faced significant challenges amidst industry transformations. Existing practices were insufficient, hindering decision-making and missing growth opportunities.


Instead of everyone working in silos, integrated planning draws together all the departments (e.g. sales and marketing, supply chain, HR, IT, etc.) into an enterprise-wide approach. Integrated planning makes it easier for DMG's Top Management to drive strategy to all parts of the organization.”

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  • DMG operational planners experience a remarkable reduction in planning process maintenance time, by up to 40%.
  • DMG planners can now dedicate more time to running their business and focusing on core operational tasks.
  • Enhanced productivity and streamlined operations due to reduced time spent on planning process maintenance.