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NAGA Architects Maximizing Efficiency with NetSuite

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About NAGA Architects

NAGA architects is an award-winning independent practice established in 2000 in Dubai and maintains over six offices in the Middle East and the United States of America, servicing their clients throughout the architectural, planning and construction industries. Their global team of experts brings passion and innovation to the benefit of projects. They are dedicated to providing services aimed at supporting clients in every way they can to enhance their investments. They do this by guiding them through the stages of Master Plan, Feasibility Study, Architecture Design, Interior Design and Landscape Design.


NAGA Architects


United Arab Emirates


Architects and Engineering

Azdan Solution

Oracle NetSuite


200-500 Employees

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Business Situation

NAGA architects faced challenges in resource management, financial visibility, and project efficiency. The absence of advanced financial tools hinders comprehensive insights into project costs and budgets, while the lack of Suite Projects functionality leads to difficulties in project planning and tracking. Inadequate human capital management may result in some inaccuracies. The absence of integrated systems increases the risk of data silos and compliance issues, limiting scalability and hindering strategic decision-making. Overall, the organization had a struggle to optimize processes, impacting operational efficiency and growth prospects.


NetSuite, as a comprehensive Human Resources Management and ERP solution, can address the challenges faced by NAGA architects. It offers advanced financial tools, project management functionalities, and human capital management features, providing a unified platform for streamlined operations. WithNetSuite, NAGA architects can optimize resource management, gain financial visibility, and enhance project efficiency. NetSuite helps track fixed assets, ensures compliance, and facilitates strategic decision-making, fostering overall organizational growth and success.

azdan team with Naga architects


  • Resource Management: NetSuite increased efficiency by 30%, optimizing resource allocation and utilization across projects.
  • Financial Visibility: NAGA architects saw a 25% improvement in financial insights, thanks to NetSuite's advanced financial tools.
  • Project Efficiency: With NetSuite's project management features, project efficiency at NAGA improved by 20%, ensuring timely completion.
  • Fixed Assets Tracking: NetSuite enhanced accuracy by 15% in fixed assets tracking, ensuring precise accounting and minimizing errors.
  • Human Capital Management: NetSuite brought a 35% improvement in human capital management, enhancing recruitment, performance, and talent development.