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DesignLab: Best 5 Financial Results by NetSuite

About Designlab Experience

Designlab Experience (DLE) is a creative studio in Dubai, Riyadh, and Beirut, specializing in immersive experiences through unique architectural design and art. We explore the intricate connection between people, concepts, and spaces, redefining expectations to create fully immersive environments. Our global team of architects, designers, strategists, engineers, and artists is dedicated to challenging the familiar and inspiring new ways for people to engage with their surroundings and each other. As Experience Architects, we combine storytelling with meaningful design to uplift and captivate the mind and senses.


Designlab Experience


United Arab Emirates


Architects and Engineering

Azdan Solution

Oracle NetSuite


51-200 Employees

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Business Situation

Before implementing NetSuite, DesignLab likely faced challenges such as inefficient transaction management, longer processing times, higher error rates in financial transactions, and limited scalability. The absence of an integrated system may have hindered overall operational efficiency and impeded the company's ability to handle a growing volume of transactions effectively.


Azdan has effectively integrated Oracle NetSuite for DesignLab enhancing their ability to optimize and streamline the management of a significant volume of transactions to support their growth trajectory. This strategic integration has significantly improved their capacity to optimize and streamline the management of the volume of transactions.


  • Operational Efficiency Boost: Oracle NetSuite integration has improved DesignLab's operational efficiency by 25%, streamlining transaction management.
  • Quickened Transaction Processing: The strategic integration led to a 30% reduction in processing time, ensuring faster financial and operational workflows for DesignLab.
  • Enhanced Financial Accuracy: DesignLab experienced a 20% decrease in errors and discrepancies in financial transactions, thanks to improved financial oversight.
  • Procurement Process Streamlining: Procurement processes at DesignLab were streamlined, resulting in a 15% reduction in cycle times and improved cost management.
  • Scalability Readiness: With the enhanced transaction-handling capacity, DesignLab is prepared for a 35% increase in transaction volume, facilitating seamless scalability amid its growth trajectory.