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Umniah: Best 2 Time Reduction Results by Oracle EPM and Azdan


About umniah

Umniah is officially established in 2005, it swiftly established a notable presence in one of the region's fiercely competitive markets. As a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain, their company has effectively positioned itself as a thriving telecommunications provider in Jordan. They specialize in delivering top-notch integrated services, encompassing mobile, Internet, and business solutions, offering exceptional value and keeping up with the latest industry advancements.







Azdan Solution

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management


1,000+ Employees

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Business Situation

Umniah faced several business challenges. These included difficulties in managing and consolidating financial data, limited visibility into financial performance, manual and time-consuming budgeting and planning processes, and a lack of real-time insights for informed decision-making. Umniah recognized the need for a comprehensive and efficient solution to address these challenges and improve their financial management processes.


Azdan implemented all types of financial planning and budgeting reports crafted for telecommunication such as different revenue streams such as Postpaid and Prepaid per each product. and expenses planning for equipment and maintenance costs, IT and Network Operation Expenses.



The implementation of Oracle Cloud EPM resulted in a remarkable time reduction for generating financial reports, decreasing the time required:

  • They witnessed a remarkable improvement, with report generation time reduced from days to mere minutes, representing a reduction of over 45% in time.
  • Previously, building P&L functions in a data warehouse would take weeks, but with Oracle Cloud EPM, the same functions can now be constructed in less than a week, reflecting a time reduction of over 55%.