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YAS holding harmonized their consolidated budgeting process

Yas Holding

About YAS Holding

YAS Holding is a diversified investment company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Their website,, provides limited information about their operations and areas of focus. Here is a brief overview based on the available information:
YAS Holding engages in various sectors, including real estate, hospitality, healthcare, education, and technology. They aim to create value and contribute to the development of the UAE's economy through their investments and strategic partnerships.


YAS Holding


United Arab Emirates



Azdan Solution

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management


200-500 Employees

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Business Situation

YAS, the distinguished business development and investment group based in Abu Dhabi, embarked on a quest to find a robust Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software solution. Their goal was to automate and streamline their planning and budgeting processes, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy in financial management.
Recognizing the importance of a powerful EPM tool, YAS sought to enhance their operational capabilities and drive informed decision-making through effective planning and budgeting automation.


Azdan implemented oracle planning and budgeting to help YAS ensure financial data accuracy and congruence across the holding enterprise, whether the budget data is used by procurement, supply chain, or finance teams.

YAS holding team


The enterprise performance solution provides high-quality, self-service decision support across the entire holding group.
Implementation of the solution results in saving a minimum of 25 days of work per year in control processes.
Organizations utilizing the enterprise performance solution experience a notable reduction in control-related workload, saving up to 25% of annual working days.
The solution streamlines decision-making processes and empowers employees with self-service capabilities, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.
With the enterprise performance solution, holding groups benefit from improved data accuracy, quicker decision-making, and significant time savings in control tasks.