ERP designed for Discrete, Process, and batch manufacturers

The ERP for manufacturing is covering the whole chain from discrete manufacturers,  chemicals, food & beverages, to process manufacturing.

ERP for different Manufacturing methods

Engineer to order is characterized by having engineering activities that need to be added to product lead time. Upon receipt of a customer order, the order engineering requirements and specifications are not known in detail. There is a substantial amount of design and engineering analysis required.


ETO  is used in industrial manufacturing processes where the products are complex and costly. It is very common in defense, aerospace and energy industry.

Configure-to-order is an excellent business model that provides mass customization and quicker order fulfillment.

By maintaining inventory at the component level, inventory is limited only to that much which is needed. Also, delaying the final product assembly until the order arrives provides some flexibility in terms of product variations and also helps to use up current component inventory to its fullest. It helps businesses reduce inventory carrying costs, facilitates better inventory management as products are limited while minimizing the time to market.

MTO (Make to Order) is a manufacturing process in which manufacturing starts only after a customer’s order is received. Forms of MTO vary, for example, an assembly process starts when demand actually occurs or manufacturing starts with development planning.

Made to Order of customized computers or bicycles are examples of creating a new business model by matching the diversification of products.


Make to stock (MTS) is a traditional production strategy that is used by businesses to match the inventory with anticipated consumer demand.

Make to stock (MTS) is a traditional production strategy that is used by businesses to match the inventory with anticipated consumer demand.

Managing the trade-off between delivery time and degree of customization is not new. Implementation of the make-to-forecast hybrid strategy provides considerable competitive advantage in certain manufacturing situations by achieving as much as 50 percent shorter delivery times for highly customized products than would be possible with a pure Make To Order strategy.

It also has potential to offer competitive advantages to pure Make To Stock and Make To Order operations.

Product Data

Manage all your product data in one place, simplify the design process and reduce time to market for new products.

Production Control

Create, release, update and monitor work orders throughout the production process with real-time view of in-process work orders.

Demand Planning

Automatically balance demand and supply, ensuring you have inventory in the right place at the right time.

Finance Operations

Couple core accounting functionality with real-time financial visibility and business insights to drive financial excellence.

Global Reporting

Quickly drill into details to quickly resolve delays and generate statements and disclosures.

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ERP for Manufacturing

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IFS Applications is a single, integrated, cloud-enabled application suite that is specifically designed to meet the demands of all types of manufacturing business. 

Blue Prism RPA

Blue Prism’s connected-RPA Platform connects your human workforce with the capabilities of today’s Digital Workforce to generate outcomes with greater speed, agility, accuracy, and efficiency.

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