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In the fast-paced world of business, leveraging powerful tools like NetSuite is essential for efficiency and competitiveness. However, understanding NetSuite pricing can be like decoding a complex language. Fear not! This guide is your straightforward roadmap, breaking down NetSuite pricing intricacies step by step.

Discover the full potential of NetSuite for your unique needs by gaining a clear understanding of its pricing components. This article will guide you through the intricacies of NetSuite pricing, assisting you in estimating your total cost of owning NetSuite.

Check out this video for a deeper dive, and navigate NetSuite pricing with confidence.

NetSuite Pricing: Licensing Editions

The initial stage in establishing the cost of NetSuite involves identifying the appropriate NetSuite edition for your business. This aspect of NetSuite pricing is not entirely within your control; rather, it is determined by the size of your company and the required number of NetSuite user licenses.

NetSuite Edition pricing

The selection of NetSuite editions depends on your company’s size and the necessary user licenses. To ensure the optimal decision in choosing the NetSuite Edition, it is crucial to determine the required number of NetSuite user licenses, the number of employees, and the number of legal entities.

NetSuite Starter/Limited Editions

  • Ideal for small businesses with 50 employees or less.
  • Provides up to 10 user licenses.
  • Pre-configured processes for a quick setup.
  • Customized editions by industry through SuiteSuccess.
  • Benefits include a ready-to-use system from day 1 and a quick go-live, suitable for companies just starting out.

NetSuite Standard/Mid-Market Editions

  • Suitable for mid-sized companies with up to 100 employees.
  • Includes 30 user licenses.
  • Capable of consolidating financial reports between legal entities and different currencies.
  • Offers real-time data on dashboards for informed business decisions.
  • Streamlines processes with automation, reducing reliance on manual methods.

NetSuite Premium Edition

  • Unlimited user licenses, scalable up to 1,000 employees.
  • Ideal for companies needing unlimited user licenses or planning rapid expansion.
  • Provides nearly infinite growth potential.
  • A valuable choice for large companies ensuring they never run out of licenses or face data caps.

NetSuite Enterprise Editions

  • Tailored for large-scale companies and those with multiple legal entities.
  • Offers over 1,000 user licenses.
  • Built for quick scalability, accommodating growth from hundreds to thousands of employees or international expansion.
  • Provides real-time business insights for a holistic view of performance.

NetSuite Edition Features

All three NetSuite editions automatically come with NetSuite’s CRM and ERP. Here are the functionalities you’ll have out of the box.

  • The ERP module covers financial and global business management, inventory, order, supply chain, warehouse management, and basic accounting. 
  • The CRM module includes marketing and sales automation, real-time reporting, upsell, quoting, order management, and sales forecasting.
  • For additional features, businesses can explore supplementary NetSuite modules like financial management, inventory and order management, or eCommerce to meet specific needs.

NetSuite CRM

A Complete NetSuite Pricing Guide 1
  • Marketing automation – Drive your marketing campaigns using email marketing, campaign management, and lead nurturing.
  • Sales Force automation – Empower your sales team through lead management, opportunity tracking, and sales forecasting.
  • Reporting and analytics with real-time data – Access comprehensive reporting for data-driven decision-making.
  • Upsell, quote, and order management – Streamline your quote-to-cash process encompassing quote creation, order fulfillment, and revenue recognition.
  • Sales forecasting and quota management – Gain insights into future sales performance with accurate and real-time sales forecasting capabilities.
  • Partner relationship management – Collaborate with partners via partner portals, lead sharing, and joint forecasting.

NetSuite ERP

A Complete NetSuite Pricing Guide 2
  • Financial management – Gain complete control over financials, including general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, fixed assets, and financial reporting.
  • Global business management – Manage your international operations and expand into global markets with tools for compliance, currency management, and cross-border logistics.
  • Inventory management – Keep track of inventory levels, stock movements, and stockouts with features for real-time updates and optimization.
  • Order management – Streamline your order-to-cash process, covering order capture, fulfillment, and invoicing.
  • Supply chain management – Improve supply chain efficiency with demand planning, inventory, and vendor management.
  • Warehouse management – Enhance warehouse operations with bin management, pick-pack-ship, and real-time inventory tracking.
  • Accounting – Handle your financial transactions, journal entries, and reconciliation easily, ensuring accurate records and compliance with accounting standards.

NetSuite Pricing: Service Tiers

What is NetSuite Service Tiers?

NetSuite service tiers align with your actual usage, preventing unnecessary expenses, and facilitate seamless business scaling from basic to advanced levels.

The most suitable NetSuite service tier for you is determined by:

  • The required number of NetSuite users.
  • The volume of data you need to process.
  • The amount of data storage you need.
  • The number of SuiteCloud Plus licenses you require.

Understanding NetSuite can be a bit tricky because there are different parts to it. but it’s essential to differentiate between editions and service tiers. Editions refer to the core platform and number of user licenses, while service tiers pertain the more quantitative aspects of NetSuite

NetSuite service tiers ensure you pay only for the services you need. It determines:

  • The total number of NetSuite users (excluding licenses) allowed.
  • The capacity for data processing.
  • The amount of data storage allocated.
  • The availability of SuiteCloud Plus licenses.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the four distinct service tiers:

Service Tier Users File Storage (GB) Monthly Transaction Lines
Standard 100 100 200,000
Premium 1,000 1,000 2,000,000
Enterprise 2,000 2,000 10,000,000
Ultimate 4,000 4,000 50,000,000

Which Service Tier is Best for You?

  • Determine the appropriate NetSuite service tier by evaluating license needs and data usage/storage requirements.
  • For guidance, NetSuite consulting services offer expert assistance in implementation and optimization.

What if You Need to Switch Tiers?

  • Switching NetSuite tiers is seamless, accommodating business scaling effortlessly.
  • Trusted NetSuite Solutions Providers assist in tier selection and efficiently handle the switching process.

How Long Does it Take to Upgrade Your Service Tier?

  • Upgrading to a new service tier takes only three days after license creation.
  • After payment, a new license reflecting upgraded services is generated, and within about three days, the new tier becomes fully operational. Check your NetSuite license’s service tier on the Billing Information page.

NetSuite Pricing: Modules

NetSuite Supply Chain Module

Maximize resources and cut costs with NetSuite’s supply chain modules. These tools are invaluable for running a smooth operation and consistently improving profit margins.

NetSuite’s supply chain modules include:

  • NetSuite Procurement: Efficiently control spending through vendor relationship management and automated purchase processes.
  • NetSuite Warehouse Management System: Optimize warehouse operations with industry-leading practices, including RF barcode scanning, defined strategies and task management.
  • NetSuite Demand Planning: Forecast demand using historical data, sales forecasts, or statistical methods. Generate supply plans to meet demand effectively.
  • NetSuite Quality Management: Define quality tests, inspection plans, and monitor issues and trends. Capture and manage quality results seamlessly.
  • NetSuite Work in Process (WIP) and Routings: Streamline assembly production processes, from defining bills of materials to tracking work order status and costs.
  • NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies: Create, release, and manage work orders with automated scheduling for efficient and scalable production control.
  • NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing: Comprehensive solution for discrete and batch process manufacturers. Features include shop floor control, finite capacity planning, quality management, and advanced data collection.
NetSuite Supply Chain Module

What's the Cost of NetSuite's Supply Chain Module?

  • NetSuite’s cost is based on the number of users, core license, and additional modules.
  • Pricing is tailored to each company’s specific needs.
  • It’s not a one-size-fits-all; costs vary based on individual requirements.
  • Your NetSuite Consultant ensures you get what you need without paying for unused features.

NetSuite Professional Services Module

NetSuite includes fundamental PSA features for project-based companies, aiding in resource optimization, billable hours, and profitability. For enhanced capabilities, additional PSA modules are available. Below is an illustration of a project record:

NetSuite Pricing - Professional Services Modules System Screenshot

NetSuite’s PSA modules include:

  • NetSuite SuiteProjects: Native PSA solution integrating CRM, HR, and ERP for seamless project accounting, management, resource tracking, and reporting.
  • NetSuite Project Management: Integrated module tracking revenues, expenses, billing, and profitability throughout a project’s lifecycle. Assists with setup, dashboards, budgeting, reporting, issues, and templates.
Check The Complete Directory For All Oracle NetSuite Modules from here.

What's the Cost of NetSuite's PSA Module?

  • NetSuite PSA pricing is determined by three key elements: core platform, optional modules, and the number of users.
  • A one-time implementation fee is applicable for the initial setup.
  • The exact price varies based on individual needs and preferences.

NetSuite Pricing: Users Pricing

NetSuite accommodates various user types to create a platform that benefits both the purchasing company and its customers and vendors. NetSuite offers four distinct user categories:

Employee users

The prevalent type of NetSuite user is the employee, necessitating an employee user license for any level of access. There are two distinct types of employee user licenses available.

  • Full user license – It is ideal for employees needing regular access to NetSuite, featuring pre-configured roles like accountant, administrator, and sales rep.
  • Employee center license – Certain employees not needing full NetSuite access can use an Employee center license for specific actions like time tracking, adjusting time sheets, or viewing reports.
FeatureGeneral Access UserEmployee Self Service User
Full access to NetSuite
Can be assigned many roles
Can use standard or custom roles
Can access different centers
Can view financial reports, budgets and transactions
Can use the administrative role
Can enter timesheets and expenses
Can enter and approve purchase orders
Can approve customer invoices
Can create driver-based operational and financial forecasts
Can monitor actual performance against objectives
Can track the impact on cash flows and balance sheets
Billing (per user per month)$99$19  (sold in packs of 5)

Vendor users (Free of charge)

Vendors can be provided complimentary access to NetSuite for streamlined communication and increased autonomy, enabling them to view relevant data and records such as:

  • Bills: Track financial obligations.
  • Bill payments: Manage payment transactions.
  • Their company information: Access vital company details.
  • Purchase orders: Monitor procurement processes.

NetSuite offers a standard Partner Center role for partners, granting them access to view reports such as Sales by Partner and Sales by Promotion Code, partner records, promotion codes, and, if utilized, commission reports through the Partner Commission & Royalties feature.

Customer users (Free of Charge)

The Customer Center role in NetSuite enables customers to view and edit specific records, including billing methods and personal information, and facilitates the ability to make payments. Customer users are also able to view:

  • Sales orders: Track customer purchases.
  • Estimates from sales: Access sales projections.
  • Payments: Manage financial transactions.
  • Support cases: Monitor customer inquiries.

NetSuite Pricing: Implementation

NetSuite implementation pricing can vary depending on factors such as complexity, modules selected, company size, and the NetSuite partner you choose to work with, but we can offer general guidelines to outline the factors contributing to the implementation cost of NetSuite ERP. As a quick estimate, a common rule of thumb is that NetSuite implementations for SMBs usually range from $20,000 to $60,000.

NetSuite Pricing: Integration

Employee Size NetSuite Connector Price Range
Less than 200 Employees $12,000 to $25,000
200 – 1000 Employees $16,000 to $34,000
More than 1000 Employees $30,000 to $75,000


Celigo’s platform pricing is tailored to your organization’s headcount. For precise details, contact Celigo directly or register on their website. They also provide insights and negotiation tips for contract renewals or additional services like Single Sign-On (SSO). Note that prices are subject to change and can vary based on specific business needs.

A Complete NetSuite Pricing Guide 3


Boomi, an integration platform, provides robust tools for connecting and managing diverse business applications. The platform ensures high-speed integrations and seamless communication between applications through its API management capabilities.

Boomi system features table


Jitterbit Integration Software stands out by facilitating seamless connections between SaaS, on-premise, and cloud applications, particularly with Oracle NetSuite. Additionally, it has the ability to instantly incorporate artificial intelligence into any business process.

Three tiers comprise the Jitterbit Pricing: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The standard price is fixed at $1000 per month, $2500 per month for the professional edition, and $5000 per month for the enterprise edition.

Jitterbit system features table

Average NetSuite Total Cost of Ownership

The Average NetSuite Pricing Total Cost of Ownership is the overall expenditure involved in adopting and maintaining NetSuite, covering licensing, implementation, customization, data migration, integrations, training, and ongoing support. It provides a comprehensive view of the financial commitment required for NetSuite, aiding businesses in budgeting and resource planning.

Imagine a 100-employee company that is looking for Oracle NetSuite to manage financials, Inventory, and procurement. 10 users are expecting to use NetSuite ERP.

The sales team uses Salesforce as a CRM and would like to integrate it with NetSuite. What is the average total cost of ownership for this Project?

NetSuite ServicePrice
Implementation Fees$ 50,000
NetSuite SubscriptionBased on Modules
NetSuite Connector$ 10,000
Basic Technical SupportFree
Customization$100 per hour
Premium Functional Support – from Partner$18,000

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